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[r4866] by mramm

Adding a locaton for the TG2 index files

2008-07-01 14:26:08 Tree
[r4865] by mramm

Tagging the 1.9.7a1 release

2008-07-01 14:21:00 Tree
[r4864] by mramm

Tagging 1.9.7a1 release

2008-07-01 14:19:18 Tree
[r4863] by brunojm

updated docs fixing typos and highlight some parts

2008-07-01 14:16:41 Tree
[r4862] by mramm

css tweeks, and a minor version bump for DBSProckets.

2008-07-01 13:47:59 Tree
[r4861] by sanjiv

Corrected double \ in wiki20 controller

2008-07-01 13:33:11 Tree
[r4860] by faide

bumping version so that dev version is flagged with 1.0.6dev

2008-07-01 09:05:00 Tree
[r4859] by faide

Tagging 1.0.5 release

2008-07-01 08:54:01 Tree
[r4858] by faide

adding eggs for 1.0.5 release

2008-07-01 08:36:46 Tree
[r4857] by faide

updating the setup script to use latest version and use also latest setuptools

2008-07-01 08:29:09 Tree
[r4856] by faide

changing website to reflect upcoming release

2008-07-01 08:26:17 Tree
[r4855] by faide

reorg CHANGELOG.txt for release

2008-07-01 08:23:06 Tree
[r4854] by percious

modified install rst to support new index.

2008-07-01 05:49:44 Tree
[r4853] by mramm

Updating require again for dbsprockets

2008-07-01 03:35:49 Tree
[r4852] by percious

dbsprockets is now 0.5 or higher in the

2008-07-01 03:20:44 Tree
[r4851] by mramm

oops, commited that too fast. Missing comma

2008-06-30 22:54:02 Tree
[r4850] by mramm

adding turbojson requirement

2008-06-30 22:52:59 Tree
[r4849] by percious

fixed template to be 0.5beta1 complient. also, pulls in wsgiref so it is there already when you install your app.

2008-06-30 21:39:42 Tree
[r4848] by mramm

Updates to

2008-06-30 21:09:54 Tree
[r4847] by StevenMohr

added pdf version of buildmaster.rst
fixed typos in buildmaster.rst

2008-06-30 20:01:53 Tree
[r4846] by StevenMohr

This document describes the structures of the buildmaster and explains how to maintain and extend it.

2008-06-30 16:11:25 Tree
[r4845] by mramm

Removing paver dependency temporarily.

2008-06-29 17:46:09 Tree
[r4844] by brunojm

updated wiki20 tutorial

2008-06-28 23:40:54 Tree
[r4843] by brunojm

some fixes in extension

2008-06-28 23:40:04 Tree
[r4842] by brunojm

fix prior version pagelist

2008-06-28 23:26:45 Tree
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