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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r4571] by carndt

Remove obsolete docs from web site and set up redirects; add robots.txt; add README for web site admins

2008-05-13 14:30:45 Tree
[r4570] by carndt

Set up redirect for moved API docs

2008-05-13 12:49:32 Tree
[r4569] by carndt

Fix #1817 (spelling error)

2008-05-13 11:39:45 Tree
[r4568] by kevin

Sets up (and documents) Paver-based build for TG2. (Note that sdists
and bdists of TG2 do not require Paver. Only people working with
TG2 from svn will need Paver.)

2008-05-13 02:20:28 Tree
[r4567] by paj

First cut at removing max_repetitions

2008-05-07 18:27:03 Tree
[r4566] by paj

First cut at removing max_repetitions

2008-05-07 18:26:40 Tree
[r4565] by paj

Create branch for work to remove max_repetitions

2008-05-07 18:23:16 Tree
[r4564] by paj

Create branch for work to remove max_repetitions

2008-05-07 18:22:54 Tree
[r4563] by alberto

reorganized tw.forms docs and integrated widgetbrowser

2008-05-07 13:06:26 Tree
[r4562] by fredlin

doc update

2008-05-07 04:16:24 Tree
[r4561] by alberto

tw.forms docs+widget_browser experiments

2008-05-06 15:26:43 Tree
[r4560] by paj

Add suppress_label option to FormField

2008-05-05 21:53:28 Tree
[r4559] by fredlin

doc update

2008-05-05 06:50:06 Tree
[r4558] by paj

Fix typo

2008-05-04 14:54:55 Tree
[r4557] by mramm

Another doc update.

2008-05-04 13:29:00 Tree
[r4556] by fredlin

doc update

2008-05-03 15:24:45 Tree
[r4555] by paj

Make ImageButton resolve Link objects in update_params

2008-05-01 19:05:36 Tree
[r4554] by mramm

Removing old index, updating DownloadInstall to match updates in the wiki.

2008-05-01 17:12:43 Tree
[r4553] by chrisz

Eased restrictions for SO versions. If there are any issues with certain SO/SA versions, then there should be tests revealing these issues and version restrictions should be accompanied by comments explaining why they have been put in place.

2008-05-01 13:53:35 Tree
[r4552] by chrisz

Reverted r4549, since it had a wrong commit message and button names and ids are inserted into the template via attr for all Button subclasses, so setting them explicitly is not necessary.

2008-05-01 12:59:08 Tree
[r4551] by fredlin

fix changeline sign

2008-05-01 00:28:02 Tree
[r4550] by fredlin

enable identity option in quickstart and import tgrepozewho middleware

2008-04-30 17:30:38 Tree
[r4549] by chrisz

Small improvements in PaginateDataGrid template.

2008-04-30 14:14:48 Tree
[r4548] by alberto

moved docs around and updated README.txt

2008-04-29 18:51:36 Tree
[r4547] by alberto

added missing dirs for tw.forms docs

2008-04-29 13:00:41 Tree
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