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[r4522] by carndt

Remove now unused /widgets directory

2008-04-28 14:00:55 Tree
[r4521] by carndt

Moved wiget projects from /widgets to /projects and added 'tg' prefix.

2008-04-28 13:57:10 Tree
[r4520] by alberto

bumped tw version

2008-04-27 20:20:36 Tree
[r4519] by chrism

Remove code which attempted to convert ids into integers; this depends on repoze.who 0.9.1.

2008-04-27 17:18:25 Tree
[r4518] by alberto

injector_middleware now properly handles wrapped apps that use the write func returned by start_response

2008-04-27 16:47:10 Tree
[r4517] by chrism

Add tests.

2008-04-27 16:22:39 Tree
[r4516] by chrism

Set svn:eol-style native for all files.

2008-04-27 15:37:47 Tree
[r4515] by carndt

Tagging current state of DOMInclude as version 1.0

2008-04-27 09:03:53 Tree
[r4514] by carndt

Add missing DOMInclude widget to /projects tree

2008-04-27 09:00:23 Tree
[r4513] by chrisz

The LinkRemoteFunction widget and the AutoCompleteTextField widget were both named "state", this was confusing for MSIE in the widget browser.

2008-04-27 03:07:15 Tree
[r4512] by chrisz

Better homepage and download url for TurboJson (#1771) and status promotion.

2008-04-26 22:01:16 Tree
[r4511] by carndt

Add reference to README.txt to usage msg for API docgen script

2008-04-26 15:38:57 Tree
[r4510] by carndt

Add reference to README.txt to usage msg for API docgen script

2008-04-26 15:38:39 Tree
[r4509] by carndt

Minor typo in API docgen script

2008-04-25 22:34:00 Tree
[r4508] by carndt

Sync API doc generation script with 1.0 branch

2008-04-25 22:31:27 Tree
[r4507] by carndt

Rename apigen dir to doc to match 1.0 branch and trunk

2008-04-25 22:28:43 Tree
[r4506] by carndt

Remove obsolete apigen package (now lives under /projects)

2008-04-25 22:27:37 Tree
[r4505] by carndt

Moved apigen package from branches/1.0 to projects tree

2008-04-25 22:20:44 Tree
[r4504] by carndt

Adding new epydoc-based API docs generation script. Thanks to Lukasz Szybalski for kicking this off.

2008-04-25 22:18:05 Tree
[r4503] by carndt

Bump version for proper development builds versions numbers

2008-04-25 22:11:36 Tree
[r4502] by carndt

Move obsolete apigen package into /projects tree

2008-04-25 21:53:28 Tree
[r4501] by alberto

Tagged 0.8.5

2008-04-25 17:36:37 Tree
[r4500] by alberto

fixed typo in pylonshf. Thanks Sanjiv for spotting it

2008-04-25 17:35:08 Tree
[r4499] by chrisz

Evaluate the widget default value if it is callable.

2008-04-25 15:30:51 Tree
[r4498] by chrisz

Change-over from RuleDispatch to PEAK-Rules, to be released as version 1.2 and used with TurboGears version 1.1.

2008-04-25 14:32:55 Tree
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