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[r4329] by chrisz

Clean-up in util and view.base, added unit tests, fixed #1396.

2008-04-03 03:27:55 Tree
[r4328] by turbogears

Add binary egg for simplejson 1.8.1 for Mac OS X 10.5 for Python 2.5

2008-04-02 12:41:27 Tree
[r4327] by fredlin

add paster migrate command support

2008-04-02 08:05:23 Tree
[r4326] by mramm

Passing a dict to the validator resulted in ONLY validated data gettting passed through to the controller, which is wrong. Fixed, and test added.

2008-04-02 04:13:28 Tree
[r4325] by mramm

Updated validation to fix dict validator bug.

2008-04-02 02:42:55 Tree
[r4324] by mramm

Switched tests to use webob.
fixed validation test
commented out broken paster test
removed commented out code.

2008-04-02 02:41:42 Tree
[r4323] by turbogears

Fix link to announce ML on web site sidebar

2008-04-01 22:34:14 Tree
[r4322] by fredlin

update doc make file

2008-04-01 05:29:43 Tree
[r4321] by turbogears

Remove gsquickstart eggs (available through PyPI)

2008-03-31 23:31:23 Tree
[r4320] by turbogears

Remove obsolete non-binary eggs

2008-03-31 23:16:52 Tree
[r4319] by turbogears

Added binary eggs for simplejson 1.8.1 for Mac OS X (10.3-fat) and Linux (ix86/x86_64)

2008-03-31 21:52:57 Tree
[r4318] by chrisz

Small improvements in PaginateDataGrid template.

2008-03-31 11:04:56 Tree
[r4317] by mramm

pylons.g is now pylons.app_globals

2008-03-30 22:37:36 Tree
[r4316] by chrisz

The association tables user_group_table and group_permission_table were created without primary keys when using SA.

2008-03-30 16:46:38 Tree
[r4315] by chrisz

Paginate did not work with SQLAlchemy 0.4.x any more. Made it less dependent on the ORM implementation details by using duck typing where possible. Tested with SA 0.3.9 and 0.4.4.

2008-03-30 16:25:45 Tree
[r4314] by chrisz

A unit test was broken in daylight saving time.

2008-03-30 15:46:00 Tree
[r4313] by chrisz

Added alternate text parameter to ImageButton for better form accessibility.

2008-03-28 20:11:25 Tree
[r4312] by fredlin

toolbox2 update

2008-03-28 06:49:59 Tree
[r4311] by faide

remove blanks at end of lines...

2008-03-27 23:52:16 Tree
[r4310] by carndt

Replace GSoC logo on web site front page

2008-03-27 17:03:22 Tree
[r4309] by fredlin

doc update

2008-03-27 07:04:10 Tree
[r4308] by fredlin

get rid of comments macro

2008-03-27 06:22:50 Tree
[r4307] by fredlin

doc update

2008-03-27 05:48:48 Tree
[r4306] by kskuhlman

Added a deprecate decorator to in prepartion of deprecating some of testutil's functionality. refs #1466.

2008-03-26 22:52:26 Tree
[r4305] by percious

minor change for crud controller

2008-03-26 22:49:27 Tree
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