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File Date Author Commit
docs 2008-01-14 fredlin [r3922] integrate epydoc settings into setup.cfg, remov...
tg 2008-03-01 mramm [r4169] Fixing flash so that it's removed when you get ...
INSTALL.txt 2007-12-19 carndt [r3838] Fix INSTALL.txt according to #1632
README.txt 2007-11-11 mramm [r3653] Many, many whitespace fixes.
TODO.txt 2008-01-12 mramm [r3890] Pulling decorated and object dispatch controlle...
setup.cfg 2008-01-14 fredlin [r3923] fix uncareful missing
setup.py 2008-01-15 percious [r3944] Added webob to the setup.py

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Next generation Front-to-back web development megaframework built on Pylons.

TurboGears2, provides a comprehensive web development toolkit.  It is designed to help you create the basic outline of a database-driven web application in minutes.

TurboGears provides you with sane default for designer friendly templates, tools to make  AJAX, and dynamic Javascript driven pages easy on both the browser side and the server side.

TurboGears is a project that is built upon a foundation of reuse and building up.
In retrospect, much of the code that was home grown in the TurboGears project
should have been released as independent projects that integrate with TurboGears.

TurboGears is licensed under an MIT-style license (see LICENSE.txt).
Other incorporated projects may be licensed under different licenses.
All licenses allow for non-commercial and commercial use.