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[r4151] by mramm

adding version specific repositories

2008-02-26 18:37:10 Tree
[r4150] by mramm

Adding new repository for ReST docs, and sample-project source code.

2008-02-26 18:34:44 Tree
[r4149] by mramm

Moved sample template debug stuff out of index.html into it's own template.

2008-02-26 15:47:52 Tree
[r4148] by mramm

Added support for reflected tables to the default template.

2008-02-26 15:42:04 Tree
[r4147] by mramm

flash status now tested.

2008-02-24 15:03:26 Tree
[r4146] by percious

test_pastetemplate not working.

2008-02-24 06:25:20 Tree
[r4145] by mramm

Updated a few tests, added a few more tests.

2008-02-24 06:16:18 Tree
[r4144] by percious

forgot to add in

2008-02-24 05:12:13 Tree
[r4143] by percious

testing turd elimination
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M tests/
M tests/
M tests/
M tests/
M tests/

2008-02-24 05:10:54 Tree
[r4142] by percious


2008-02-24 04:54:35 Tree
[r4141] by mramm

Tests for flash, rename to, and test improvements.

2008-02-24 04:09:10 Tree
[r4140] by fredlin

toolbox2: update template presentation while not work within a tg project

2008-02-24 02:33:15 Tree
[r4139] by fredlin

toolbox2: make admin gadget not effect if toolbox2 not run within a tg project

2008-02-24 02:32:07 Tree
[r4138] by mramm

Adding the standard pylons error controller back into TG2

2008-02-23 17:41:49 Tree
[r4137] by mramm

Small update to the default_routes setup to make it easier for TG users to understand

2008-02-23 17:38:55 Tree
[r4136] by mramm

Fix for typo in

2008-02-23 17:32:30 Tree
[r4135] by fredlin

tooblx2: update to work for 4130

2008-02-22 09:07:33 Tree
[r4134] by chrisz

Don't need to consider SA <0.4 in TG 1.1.

2008-02-21 22:03:21 Tree
[r4133] by chrisz

Updated changelog for the next release.

2008-02-21 22:00:45 Tree
[r4132] by chrisz

Complete fix for problems with SA 0.4.3, including ticket #1721, with unit-tests and some clean-up.

2008-02-21 21:21:21 Tree
[r4131] by chrisz

Removed deprecated module turbogears.tests.util in TG 1.1 (caused confusion when running nosetests turbogears.tests).

2008-02-21 19:20:53 Tree
[r4130] by mramm

Updated TG2 to share more code with pylons:

* Depricated the TurboGearsApp, the TurboGearsController
* Updated the TG2 template file to include routes
* Set things up to use PylonsApp in the TG2 template
* Created a setup module to hold setup related functions -- a default route setup in particular.
* Updated the test infrastructure to emulate our default route
* Fixed various redirect issues
* Updated redirect, so it uses the str_params so we aren't passing unicode keywords into the controller method.

2008-02-21 16:24:47 Tree
[r4129] by chrisz

Fixed problems with SA 0.4.3 by always closing opened sessions (see also ticket #1721).

2008-02-20 18:11:13 Tree
[r4128] by fredlin

toolbox2: replace icons

2008-02-20 02:31:12 Tree
[r4127] by fredlin

refactor get_model to tg.util

2008-02-20 02:04:38 Tree
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