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[r4103] by fredlin

clean up

2008-02-08 15:40:29 Tree
[r4102] by chrisz

Some small typos.

2008-02-08 15:31:22 Tree
[r4101] by fredlin

inital import

2008-02-08 15:18:23 Tree
[r4100] by fredlin

make new project

2008-02-08 15:09:27 Tree
[r4099] by faide

Now correctly handle the previous parameters in the identity exception when the external redirect is used.

2008-02-07 21:40:21 Tree
[r4098] by chrisz

Just code cosmetics.

2008-02-06 14:02:18 Tree
[r4097] by chrisz

Fixed a problem with the autocomplete widget when no hidden field was used, and sneaked in a feature to require a number of given chars to activate (the default 1 behaves same as before). Settings this to 0 (if there are only a few choices) or > 1 (if there a many choices) can sometimes be useful.

2008-02-05 14:46:49 Tree
[r4096] by alberto

only root widgets shall register resources

2008-02-04 18:06:32 Tree
[r4095] by alberto

cleaned up resource_injector

2008-02-04 17:34:34 Tree
[r4094] by kskuhlman

Make a trivial change to testutil to test my commit access.

2008-02-04 16:09:44 Tree
[r4093] by fredlin

add sub index2 test cases (no_slash redirect fail)

2008-02-04 08:25:07 Tree
[r4092] by carndt

Reformat to be PEP-8 and PEP-257 compliant. Add __all__ definition.

2008-02-03 21:08:45 Tree
[r4091] by mramm

Nice URL's now supported by changing index to default

This should provide us with a way to explain how default works ;)

2008-02-03 19:51:46 Tree
[r4090] by mramm

added save method, and link to edit in pages. So, now you can edit and save changes to pages -- just like a real wiki. ;)

2008-02-03 18:51:28 Tree
[r4089] by mramm

Added edit page and edit controller method.

* Fixed master.css to use non-relative link to CSS

2008-02-03 18:25:41 Tree
[r4088] by alberto

TW:Removed lxml dependency

2008-02-03 18:23:03 Tree
[r4087] by mramm

Wiki20 Tutorial project. This belongs in SVN somewhere, just not sure where yet....

2008-02-03 15:41:34 Tree
[r4086] by chrisz

Adding current FormEncode eggs.

2008-02-03 15:29:05 Tree
[r4085] by mramm

Python 2.4 compatibility changes. All tests are passing except redirect_external, opening a ticket about that issue.

NOTE: This new version will require updates to Pylons and WebOb. See ticket 1706 for details.

2008-02-03 14:53:41 Tree
[r4084] by carndt

Typo: missing slash in P end tag in index.html

2008-02-02 12:14:30 Tree
[r4083] by carndt

Update security warning with new release number

2008-02-02 12:12:09 Tree
[r4082] by turbogears

Add htaccess file with redirect for removed obsolete web pages

2008-02-01 23:10:17 Tree
[r4081] by carndt

Remove obsolete widget tutorials from website docs

2008-02-01 22:32:31 Tree
[r4080] by fredlin

ToolBox2: add explicit template engine prefix

2008-01-31 09:26:11 Tree
[r4079] by chrisz

Fixed #1494: Toolbox did not run on projects using Genshi.

2008-01-31 08:19:38 Tree
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