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[r3951] by faide

Fixed cherFixed CP request header inspection in the identity inspection.

2008-01-16 14:20:06 Tree
[r3950] by faide

tagging so we can commit a small fix in it

2008-01-16 14:09:20 Tree
[r3949] by faide

Prep'ing next release

2008-01-16 13:50:03 Tree
[r3948] by faide

Fixed CP request header inspection in the identity inspection.

2008-01-16 13:47:30 Tree
[r3947] by fredlin

add extra css style for tg.flash

2008-01-16 10:52:06 Tree
[r3946] by fredlin

extend tg.flash inspired by

2008-01-15 15:47:20 Tree
[r3945] by fredlin

add missing il8n setting

2008-01-15 07:11:18 Tree
[r3944] by percious

Added webob to the

2008-01-15 03:50:15 Tree
[r3943] by fredlin

crud add dbsprockets makeForm as option

2008-01-15 02:57:53 Tree
[r3942] by fredlin

crud: seperate Form from controller

2008-01-15 02:25:36 Tree
[r3941] by fredlin

update master template with tg.url

2008-01-15 02:01:56 Tree
[r3940] by faide

small precision on the versions.

2008-01-14 22:22:05 Tree
[r3939] by faide

visual fix

2008-01-14 22:06:17 Tree
[r3938] by faide

Adding source release in tar.gz format

2008-01-14 22:02:10 Tree
[r3937] by faide

Adapt notice to be compatible with both releases.

2008-01-14 21:57:10 Tree
[r3936] by faide

make the version number be

2008-01-14 21:48:48 Tree
[r3935] by faide

updating info for release

2008-01-14 21:46:02 Tree
[r3934] by faide eggs

2008-01-14 21:44:06 Tree
[r3933] by faide


2008-01-14 21:43:20 Tree
[r3932] by faide

Updating requirements to CP 2.3.0 in 1.0.3.x "branch"

2008-01-14 21:39:12 Tree
[r3931] by faide

Adding some info about the security fix on the front page.

2008-01-14 21:24:12 Tree
[r3930] by faide

Adding tar.gz archive for linux distro maintainers

2008-01-14 21:14:08 Tree
[r3929] by faide

Tagging 1.0.4b5 (security fix in CherryPy 2.3)

2008-01-14 21:10:14 Tree
[r3928] by faide

Adding 1.0.4b5 eggs

2008-01-14 21:01:30 Tree
[r3927] by faide

updated webpage and download tool (tg version and ez_setup version)

2008-01-14 20:54:16 Tree
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