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[r3912] by carndt

Add Babel to requirements in

2008-01-13 18:02:49 Tree
[r3911] by faide

Committing some linux x86_64 eggs provided by Christophe de Vienne

2008-01-13 17:21:30 Tree
[r3910] by faide

Tagging 1.0.4b4 release

2008-01-13 16:17:45 Tree
[r3909] by faide

Adding source release in tgz format for Linux distros.

2008-01-13 16:15:02 Tree
[r3908] by faide

Adding 1.0.4b4 eggs for python 2.{3, 4, 5}

2008-01-13 15:52:56 Tree
[r3907] by faide

Bumped versions in webpage and

2008-01-13 15:47:38 Tree
[r3906] by faide

Small precision about the contributors order (like it is in the trac changelog)

2008-01-13 15:45:48 Tree
[r3905] by mramm

Sean's URL and Redirect changes. Some updates for pylons WebOb compatability, and updated toscawidgets requirements.

2008-01-13 13:43:58 Tree
[r3904] by max

added default i18n setup

2008-01-13 12:23:57 Tree
[r3903] by max

convert controller call params to str

2008-01-13 09:23:42 Tree
[r3902] by max

encode the url

2008-01-13 08:42:52 Tree
[r3901] by max

updating for webob pylons code

2008-01-13 08:08:39 Tree
[r3900] by faide

Applied fix to visit/ handling of the session cookie provided by Martin Schwamberger (mschw).

2008-01-12 23:18:42 Tree
[r3899] by faide

Fix stupid error. Missed a self last time I committed

2008-01-12 23:09:28 Tree
[r3898] by faide

Apply patch for handling of SO tables from Matt Wilson

2008-01-12 22:26:37 Tree
[r3897] by mramm

Fixed broken test, which did not .folow() the redirect. Also fixed broken redirect implemnetation which set params to {} in the function definition. (So the same params dict was used in all no-params redirects)

2008-01-12 22:03:27 Tree
[r3896] by alberto

removing unused code in master.html to insert widget resources

2008-01-12 20:21:52 Tree
[r3895] by max

trimmed whitespace

2008-01-12 18:42:54 Tree
[r3894] by mramm

screwed up the method signatures in two tests. Fixed now.

Obviously it's time to eat. ;)

2008-01-12 18:41:24 Tree
[r3893] by fredlin

add subcontroller redirect testcase

2008-01-12 18:41:24 Tree
[r3892] by mramm

Oops, I checked in the decorator controller changes while in the middle of writing other tests.

2008-01-12 18:40:03 Tree
[r3891] by mramm

Oops, missed an import.

2008-01-12 18:37:07 Tree
[r3890] by mramm

Pulling decorated and object dispatch controllers back into TG2 for the time being. Mainly so that I could fix webob related errors.

2008-01-12 18:33:47 Tree
[r3889] by max

revered back to use_webob=False and created a ticket for this, see #1687

2008-01-12 17:49:59 Tree
[r3888] by max

move import statement up

2008-01-12 17:44:37 Tree
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