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[r3499] by faide

Tagging 1.0.4 beta 1 release.

2007-09-13 00:57:17 Tree
[r3498] by faide

Bumping version and reqs before 1.0.4b1 tag

2007-09-13 00:51:07 Tree
[r3497] by faide

Adding py24 and py23 versions

2007-09-13 00:48:32 Tree
[r3496] by faide

Changed requirements (downed Cheetah for the moment to rc7 and put SA in mandatory since it borks without it) We should correct this before the real release.

2007-09-13 00:39:23 Tree
[r3495] by faide

Repackaged with a different name

2007-09-12 23:58:30 Tree
[r3494] by faide

Adding the beta1 eggs for TG 1.0.4

2007-09-12 22:45:32 Tree
[r3493] by fredlin

merge pylons up-to-date template

2007-09-11 04:19:09 Tree
[r3492] by faide

applied ticket #1410. Thanks beef.

2007-09-09 21:31:04 Tree
[r3491] by faide

Adding incompatible changes to use real SA 0.4.
WARNING this change breaks old applications that use 0.3.x API or ActiveMapper extension.

2007-09-09 21:29:11 Tree
[r3490] by faide

Merge of 1.0 branch for SA 0.4 support

2007-09-09 21:27:31 Tree
[r3489] by faide


2007-09-09 21:21:45 Tree
[r3488] by faide


2007-09-09 17:38:08 Tree
[r3487] by faide

Some more deprecation warning removal for SA 0.4 support

2007-09-09 15:19:55 Tree
[r3486] by faide

- Fix deprecation warning in
- Remove unused import from quickstart template

2007-09-09 14:04:53 Tree
[r3485] by faide

Forgot the first call in by_user_name()

2007-09-09 13:49:32 Tree
[r3484] by faide

Makes TG 1.0.x work either with SA 0.3.10 and old applications; but now also works with SA 0.4 and proposes new templates for quickstart that will use the new SA API.

2007-09-09 13:45:39 Tree
[r3483] by faide

Upgrading requirements in prevision of the release.

2007-09-09 13:43:54 Tree
[r3482] by faide

Fixed wrong download URL in setup.cfg

2007-09-09 12:36:59 Tree
[r3481] by faide

Adding TGFastData-0.9a7-* eggs in prevision of the next TG release.

2007-09-09 12:31:56 Tree
[r3480] by faide

Merge from 1.0 from

2007-09-07 21:58:18 Tree
[r3479] by faide

Remove unneeded argument in the exception catching

2007-09-07 21:56:12 Tree
[r3478] by faide

Properly log the exceptions that occur in load class, because without this it hides underlying problems

2007-09-07 21:42:06 Tree
[r3477] by chrisz

Make sure the current TurboKid version is used.

2007-09-07 19:48:47 Tree
[r3476] by chrisz

Make sure the current TurboKid version is used.

2007-09-07 19:48:06 Tree
[r3475] by chrisz

Uploaded TurboKid 1.0.3 eggs

2007-09-07 16:56:31 Tree
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