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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r2587] by plewis

Fastdata2: started widget creation (widgetfactory.py), removed column_for generic

2007-02-13 03:52:40 Tree
[r2586] by alberto

TW: Added a state_factory parameter to mods.pylonshf.validate like TG's

2007-02-12 18:31:39 Tree
[r2585] by alberto

twTinyMCE's adapt_value needs higher prio

2007-02-12 18:31:01 Tree
[r2584] by alberto

twForms: FormFieldRepeaters where not setting property the file upload flag

2007-02-12 13:10:20 Tree
[r2583] by fredlin

merge [2582] from 1.0

2007-02-12 06:20:30 Tree
[r2582] by fredlin

fix #1292

2007-02-12 06:19:20 Tree
[r2581] by jorge.vargas

tagging 1.0 (bump to 0.9.5)

2007-02-11 13:47:11 Tree
[r2580] by jorge.vargas

bumping to kid 0.9.5 to fix several bugs like #16, #1200, and of course to get all the new features

2007-02-11 13:42:39 Tree
[r2579] by fredlin

update tgsetup to able py 2.5 downlaod

2007-02-10 08:39:29 Tree
[r2578] by kevin

adding ToscaWidgets widgets to the cogbin

2007-02-10 01:47:00 Tree
[r2577] by alberto

twForms: SubmitButton will not render an id of it's id is submit. Closes #1295. The DateTime calendar was not showing the time picker, fixed

2007-02-09 18:12:08 Tree
[r2576] by fredlin

merge [2575] from 1.0

2007-02-09 18:02:15 Tree
[r2575] by fredlin

ModelDesigner now write up-to-date model header

2007-02-09 18:00:39 Tree
[r2574] by turbogears

add missing image to website

2007-02-09 11:06:50 Tree
[r2573] by fredlin

update ez_setup.py version to 0.6c5

2007-02-09 01:33:56 Tree
[r2572] by fredlin

merge [2570] from 1.0, note at this time you've to patch kid to work with py 2.5 in trunk http://groups.google.com/group/turbogears-trunk/browse_thread/thread/99c3bf1ac2763f87
It seems the widget problem related to [2558].

2007-02-09 01:33:14 Tree
[r2571] by fredlin

update ez_setup.py version to 0.6c5

2007-02-09 01:23:13 Tree
[r2570] by fredlin

update setup.py to fixing dependency list and support py2.5

2007-02-09 01:17:06 Tree
[r2569] by alberto

twMochiKit: Added module base as a standalone js include

2007-02-08 13:23:12 Tree
[r2568] by alberto

twTinyMCE: raise TinyMCE's adapt_value priority

2007-02-08 12:56:03 Tree
[r2567] by alberto

twJQuery: updated the interface static files from jQuery's SVN trunk and added iautoscroller and accordion to the exported widgets.jquery symbols

2007-02-08 12:10:53 Tree
[r2566] by alberto

Fastdata2: Fixed the pagination validators. Moved orm specific view rules out of view.py into ormdatahandler.py to avoid importing the whole stuff when needing widget_for for non orm stuff. Removed default rules from view.py, ideally this module should only declare widget_for and register_widget_for but not define rules (except a default one for gracefull fallback) so it can be imported stand-alone (might move it into TW itself).

2007-02-08 12:07:10 Tree
[r2565] by alberto

twGrids: default reps for Grid's repeater factory set to 0

2007-02-08 11:16:01 Tree
[r2564] by alberto

twForms: raised priority of FileField's adapt_value

2007-02-08 11:14:55 Tree
[r2563] by plewis

FastData2: Dropped egg-info files, refactored tests, added ORMDataHander, initial work on widget generation

2007-02-08 04:19:08 Tree
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