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[r1438] by alberto

Merging 1436:1437 from 1.0

2006-05-08 18:52:29 Tree
[r1437] by alberto

Minor cleanup at Tabber

2006-05-08 18:51:51 Tree
[r1436] by alberto

Merging 1434:1435 from 1.0

2006-05-08 18:50:39 Tree
[r1435] by alberto

Tabber's css is now only set for media="screen" until we can point and click on printed media. Some cleanup at the Tabber.

2006-05-08 18:47:19 Tree
[r1434] by kevin

merge 1432:1433 from 1.0

2006-05-08 17:17:09 Tree
[r1433] by kevin

pagination does not appear to be working. Removed from the CHANGELOG. I'll
open a new ticket.

2006-05-08 17:16:20 Tree
[r1432] by kevin

merge 1424:1428 and 1430:1431 from 1.0

2006-05-08 17:03:35 Tree
[r1431] by kevin

adding missing file

2006-05-08 17:01:24 Tree
[r1430] by alberto

Merging 1428:1429 into trunk

2006-05-08 16:02:00 Tree
[r1429] by alberto

Applying #844 to clean the mess meself and svn have made to the tabber js and css. Thanks Matt\!

2006-05-08 16:01:15 Tree
[r1428] by kevin

Changelog updates

2006-05-08 15:48:51 Tree
[r1427] by kevin

fixes failing tests that occur with multiple expose decorators

2006-05-08 15:30:00 Tree
[r1426] by kevin

tests an additional accept header. Adds TurboCheetah to install_requires

2006-05-08 15:24:06 Tree
[r1425] by kevin

now supports this:

def foo(self):

2006-05-08 15:12:42 Tree
[r1424] by alberto

Merging 1422:1423 into trunk

2006-05-08 13:22:46 Tree
[r1423] by alberto

JSLink now accepts the location parameter.

2006-05-08 13:22:02 Tree
[r1422] by alberto

Merging 1420:1421 into trunk

2006-05-08 13:06:21 Tree
[r1421] by alberto

Fixed a (stupidest) bug in the Tabber widget and added a sample to the SyntaxHighlighter

2006-05-08 13:05:15 Tree
[r1420] by alberto

Merging 1418:1419 into trunk

2006-05-08 12:34:06 Tree
[r1419] by alberto

Less redundancy in the Tabber widget's description

2006-05-08 12:33:18 Tree
[r1418] by alberto

Merging 1415:1417 into trunk

2006-05-08 12:14:53 Tree
[r1417] by alberto

The tabber.js is not included anymore as tabber-minimized is.

2006-05-08 12:14:24 Tree
[r1416] by alberto

Groovy enhanced widget browser. Now shows tabs (thanks to Michele at #841) and the template for the widget.

The tabber and syntaxhighlighter are factored out into tow new widgets for easier reusal in other TG apps.

2006-05-08 12:12:23 Tree
[r1415] by michele

Merged 1413:1414 from 1.0 to trunk

2006-05-08 09:51:43 Tree
[r1414] by michele

Small fix to avoid modifying a validator defined at class level when passing a
dictionary as validator, added a test for this feature and behavior.

2006-05-08 09:50:02 Tree
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