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[r1428] by kevin

Changelog updates

2006-05-08 15:48:51 Tree
[r1427] by kevin

fixes failing tests that occur with multiple expose decorators

2006-05-08 15:30:00 Tree
[r1426] by kevin

tests an additional accept header. Adds TurboCheetah to install_requires

2006-05-08 15:24:06 Tree
[r1425] by kevin

now supports this:

def foo(self):

2006-05-08 15:12:42 Tree
[r1424] by alberto

Merging 1422:1423 into trunk

2006-05-08 13:22:46 Tree
[r1423] by alberto

JSLink now accepts the location parameter.

2006-05-08 13:22:02 Tree
[r1422] by alberto

Merging 1420:1421 into trunk

2006-05-08 13:06:21 Tree
[r1421] by alberto

Fixed a (stupidest) bug in the Tabber widget and added a sample to the SyntaxHighlighter

2006-05-08 13:05:15 Tree
[r1420] by alberto

Merging 1418:1419 into trunk

2006-05-08 12:34:06 Tree
[r1419] by alberto

Less redundancy in the Tabber widget's description

2006-05-08 12:33:18 Tree
[r1418] by alberto

Merging 1415:1417 into trunk

2006-05-08 12:14:53 Tree
[r1417] by alberto

The tabber.js is not included anymore as tabber-minimized is.

2006-05-08 12:14:24 Tree
[r1416] by alberto

Groovy enhanced widget browser. Now shows tabs (thanks to Michele at #841) and the template for the widget.

The tabber and syntaxhighlighter are factored out into tow new widgets for easier reusal in other TG apps.

2006-05-08 12:12:23 Tree
[r1415] by michele

Merged 1413:1414 from 1.0 to trunk

2006-05-08 09:51:43 Tree
[r1414] by michele

Small fix to avoid modifying a validator defined at class level when passing a
dictionary as validator, added a test for this feature and behavior.

2006-05-08 09:50:02 Tree
[r1413] by michele

Merged 1411:1412 from 1.0 to trunk

2006-05-08 09:36:41 Tree
[r1412] by michele

Add a copy_if_mutable function inside turbogears.util and use it instead of the
copy module (introduced in r1410).
Add a new (very handy) iter_member_widgets method to CompoundWidget that
returns an iterator of all member widgets and removes a lot of boilerplate
code, this allows us to improve things in just one place.
Fix the RepeatingFieldSet widget description to use a number as repetitions.

2006-05-08 09:34:16 Tree
[r1411] by michele

Merged 1409:1410 from 1.0 to trunk

2006-05-08 02:19:01 Tree
[r1410] by michele

Use the copy module to manage mutables inside params.

2006-05-08 02:16:38 Tree
[r1409] by michele

Merged 1405:1408 from 1.0 to trunk

2006-05-08 01:58:14 Tree
[r1408] by michele

Add a note in the ChangeLog regarding r1407.

2006-05-08 01:54:56 Tree
[r1407] by michele

Change how a dict param is managed, now it's just replaced with a copy instead
of updating the old one. Updating is usually useful for attrs like params, but
in this case you can just put the default values in the template and Kid will
take care of that, look at TableForm for an example.

2006-05-08 01:41:43 Tree
[r1406] by michele

Add support for grouped options in a SelectionField widget, actually used by
SingleSelectField and MultipleSelectField.
Remove label and help_text from FormField's params, they can't be changed at
render/display time since they are usually accessed as attributes by a Form,
anyway we still provide them in the FormField's template as they can be useful
for some custom widgets.

2006-05-08 00:50:28 Tree
[r1405] by alberto

Merging 1403:1404 to trunk

2006-05-07 20:45:28 Tree
[r1404] by alberto

Widget browser now shows source code for widgets thanks to a great patch by Matt Good at #840

2006-05-07 20:43:04 Tree
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