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Tunp! v1.10 - Released!

Well, here is the new version of Tunp! It includes a much needed fix : Edge blending now works! Thus, I've also removed the frame, so now you've got some full-screen-hardcore-action! =:0D As you can see, I've been working on it a LOT the past few weeks, so I've you've got any suggestion, bug, or anything, just send it in, and it will be done! =:0)
(For more info on the new stuff, just read the Change Log)... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-09-24

Tunp! MapEd v1.04 - Released!

(vince989 speaking as fallenpixel, since he forgot to post news as he posted his map ed... He also forgot to actually link the file, even though it was uploaded, but that's another story...)

Well here it is, a much needed upgrade from MapEd v1.03 ! We have added some functionnality, some tiles, and we believe to have fixed the glitch (when you clicked on a tile on the map, and that the whole row to the right was changed) that it had before. If you see instances of it still happening, just send us a line, and we'll keep on bug-hunting! But as it is right now, it is a very strong package, so enjoy everyone! ^_^

Posted by Vince989 2002-09-24

Tunp! v1.09 - Released!

Here it is, one of the most important releases ever : The v1.09, which adds FOES! You heard that right, you can now use the ennemies, such as the Goomba, in Tunp! No need for me to say more, just read that change log and get it while it's hot!!! ^_^

Posted by Vince989 2002-09-17

Tunp! v1.08 - Released!

Here is a little release, with not much difference, but still, new stuff... =;0) I added .ini file support (not yet with a "shell", will come pretty darn soon though), and that's pretty much about it! One of the best things about that is that there is no more 2 EXE's, since the selection between Windowed and Fullscreen is now in the .ini. Thus, it is now a lot smaller! =:0) Anyways, enjoy this fine release by me! =;0)... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-08-31

Tunp! v1.07 - Released!

Here it is, the beginning of something important... The foes are coming! I started by making death and improving some stuff (such as the way the camera is coded).

So get it while it is hot! =:0)

P.S. : In this release, and all the ones that will follow, I verified if the archives were fine (i.e. not missing any files), and they are! Don't worry, it will work everywhere! =:0D

  • ViNcE989
Posted by Vince989 2002-08-14

Tunp! v1.06 (Source) - Re-released!

Yeah, a while ago, the Tunp!.cpp file was really missing... Something I found out only after I had a HD crash... So, I had to re-code the whole file to v1.06 from v1.05, and it was quite a pain... Once that done, I didn't upload it... Maybe I should have did it before... Anyways, now both packages are online, and ready for your DL! =;0)

  • ViNcE989
Posted by Vince989 2002-07-31

Tunp! v1.06 : RELEASED! =:0)

Here it is! The new version of Tunp! One of the greatest ever made!!! It is a release I'm really proud about, since it is featuring many, many bugfixes. Here is a rough list :

  • Now works on every Win OS!!! =:0D
  • The "Edge-Blitting" glitch is somewhat fixed (uses a border to hide what you wouldn't normally see)
  • Lots of code is now optimized, and it is also a lot easier to make the stuff for dev'ers =:0)... read more
Posted by Vince989 2002-04-23

Tunp! v1.05b : Finally released!!!

Ok, I'm really sorry if it literraly took AGES to release, but I have done as fast as I could. To start off with, here's the meaning of the "b" : it does not means the 2nd v1.05, but rather a BETA, since it DOES NOT WORK on non-NT OS'es... The OS'es it works on are these :
- XP (Highly suggested OS, the best Windows IMO)
- 2000
- NT4
So that means this : DON'T TELL ME IT DOESN'T WORK ON YOUR OS! This is something I already know! It is a bug I simply don't how to solve, and I didn't wanted the "fans" to wait 2 years for that v1.05b to be out, so I released a fine, though not "perfect" version of it... It is also shipped along with a new version of the Map Editor, which supports the new stuff that is in there... So here it is, read the Change Log/What's New.txt for infos on what is new, and mostly :
ENJOY! (those who can at least...) =:0(... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-03-22

'Tunp! v1.05: ALMOST Ready to release!!!' Not really... =:0(

Well, some kinda sad news guys... It has quite a big bug : It only works with WinXP, and I don't know why it happens. I don't think it's in my coding, since the standard DX functs (like CreateSurfaceFromText) don't seem to work... Maybe it's from bad surface declaration or something like that, but I really don't know what it is... =:0( I'm sorry for having to delay it a bit, but I'll try to find out why. I WILL release it soon, I only add a few tiles and sprite frames so that those that have WinXP can still enjoy it... Again, I'm really sorry for the delay, and for those that have win9x, I'll make it work soon, don't worry... So, since I know it is buggy, it will be released as v1.05b , and the real version is gonna be v1.05 . So, I add a few things here and there, and you will all be able to enjoy it (on WinXP at least =:0/) !... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-03-01

Tunp! v1.05 : ALMOST Ready to release!!!

OK guys, the code seems like it is ready for the public!!! I might have some bugs left, but nothing more, and all the new features are working fine! Here they are :

  • Uses DirectSound now, so Tunp! is now Multimedia!!! It is coming along with some "Shells", so that it is easy to load and play the wav files. Btw, wav is the only supported format, but it is still working fine with those!
  • LoadAndStretch() is now working!!! Now, you load and stretch a bmp file into a surface, only by using ONE simple line of code!!! It is working the same way as the old LoadSurface(), except for the fact that you also have to specify a StretchRatio. You CAN still load the bmp's 1:1 into a surface using the old way, it's just that now you can also make them stretched at run-time...... read more
Posted by Vince989 2002-02-27

Tunp! v1.04 : RELEASED!!!

Whoa, here it is!!! This time proves that I respect my guidelines as much as I can : on 2002-02-05 , I said approximately one week... well, it has been EXACTLY one week since that week... Nothing more to say, grab it, play with it, tweak it, and mostly, make your maps with it!(and then send them in so we can rate them and put them publicly available!!!) =:0)

Aside that, read the Change Log if you want to know exactly what has been made... Enjoy! =:0)... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-02-13

New Tunp Map Editor (v1.02)

The new Tunp! Map Editor is now available for download. It supports the new Tunp! (v1.04) features and comes with some extra of its own.
Enjoy! ;)

Posted by Julien Nadeau 2002-02-13

Tunp! v1.04 : Ready to release!!!

Hi guys!

Here it is, finally! This one is a lot more dev'er friendly, since many things are made in an easier way (ex decide pointers to (...) instead of a call with params (...) ) , so map dev'ing is even easier! I'm gonna pack it with the first level from smb1 , and the graphics will be the v1.03 blocks with the mario from the GFX pack Zeked released a short while ago... Here's what's new :

  • (all that was in my last news are still there, intact)
  • Even more dev'er friendly! Loads of "hard things" are now made out much more easily!
  • There is now scrolling! =:0)
  • Scrolling is using a Z-Buffer! =:0D
  • The collision detection engine does not need manual entry anymore! It figures out the "5 points" itself, using the size of the bitmap.... read more
Posted by Vince989 2002-02-12

Tunp! v1.04 WIP

Hi guys! Sorry if it has been a long time, but school really kept me busy... So, here I am, working on it again! =:0)

Btw, just to make sure you all know, WIP = Work In Progress. In other words, it means "What's currently being worked on"... So, here it goes :

  • Now has a "shell", so that you only need 1 call with 2 params instead of 5 lines with about 7-8, just to load a bmp into a ressource! Right now, it has its downside, though : It does NOT resize it... But, I'm doing another, so that if you want it to be resized by DX, it can still be done! The load and stretch one should be made by v1.05 =;0)
  • FINALLY found out how to make the FPS counter. All was settled up, all I was having was a problem to pass the var correctly to the CreateSurfaceFromText() function... Finally found out it HAD to be a char, and so I used a handy dos funct, itoa() ! Now all is up and running 100% fine! Note that it is NOT the avg, it is the LAST SECOND!
  • Continued restructuring the source! Now, if you remember in v1.03, there was a hell of a load of globals in the begginning of Tunp!.cpp ... It has all been moved to Tunp!.h , so that only useful chunks of code remain in Tunp!.cpp !!! =:0D... read more
Posted by Vince989 2002-02-05

Smw graphics

I've just posted a package with the SMW graphics. Read release notes for instructions.

Posted by Jean-Daniel Tanguay 2002-01-27

Tunp! v1.03 RELEASED! Finally... =;0)

Hi guys!
It is FINALLY released! =:0D
Sorry if it took a long while, but I had a comp crash, and had no choice but to wait till I have it back... Well, in fact, I had a new, faster one, so it is fine, and even better now! =:0)
So, it is there, just grab it and go play!

P.S. I might make "Map competitions" soon, where ppl will make maps, and where I, Zeked and fallenpixel will judge which ones are the best. Start making your maps NOW!!! =;0)... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-01-24

"Tunp!" v1.03 is so close!

Hi guys! Well, instead of having only a new drive for my comp, I decided to get a new one instead... So now I'm coding on celeron 900 w/ 256mb ram, 8 gigs, and WinXP. Since it is faster, in theory, I'll be able to code faster! Note that this is just a theory... =;0) Anyways, I fix a few things up, debug a few bugs, and then I release. Should be by friday, most likely tomorrow. =:0)

  • ViNcE989
Posted by Vince989 2002-01-24

Map Editor v1.01

The map editor is now ready to be released, but I think you will all have to wait, I will release simultaenously with Tunp! v1.03. Since then, you'll just have to wait and drink coffee in front of your screen not to fall asleep while waiting. ;)

Posted by Julien Nadeau 2002-01-22

Tunp! v1.03 : DELAY!!! =:0(

Hi guys!

I know I should have released it by friday, but I couldn't... right when I was SERIOUSLY thinking about releasing it, I found a bug : when you pressed alt-tab in the game and then came back, it froze... That what was I was working on, and then, it froze, scandisk started, I left it on for a short while, and then got tired, and found out it was frozen... So I hit restart, and it messed up all my main drive (C)... =:0( But, no worries though, it is all right! I had all the files on the D: drive, which was unaffected by this crash... At least, ALL is safe, and working (except that bug that is still there) ! =:0D So, what will happen is that I will receive the HD monday, so I will have it back tuesday night. I will re-install win95, MSVC, correct the bug, and THEN I will release it. Also, it will come with a bonus, that will be made by fallenpixel : A MapEditor! I've seen it, and it is really great! All you have to do is to select the tile-type, click on the map, and it is done! It is a really neat little proggie! =:0) So, I will see you guys again with v1.03 in hand! =:0D... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-01-20

More info about Tunp v1.03 ! ! !

This is just to let you guys know something about v1.03 : There will be tons of new GFX! I will also start something new : Gold Versions! They are made in a simple way : I will ask a question, and the first one to answer correctly in the forums will get it shipped their e-mail! They will have their nick on it, and will get it earlier than the rest of the people! This is how it will work for now... The rules might change, but they will keep the same concept.... read more

Posted by Vince989 2002-01-14

"Tunp!" v1.03 Release Date ! ! !

Hi guys! This is to let you know the release date : by next friday! I've got a few things to fiddle with collisions and a bit of anims to make, so it should not take more than a few days to do... So it will be released soon, and I'm sure you guys will love the new stuff!!! =:0)

  • ViNcE989
Posted by Vince989 2002-01-13

Tunp! : Next version coming pretty soon!

Hi guys! I've been working a lot on it recently, and it is improving a lot! Sorry if it has been so long for the news, but I was so busy this holiday! =:0( (School, Family, Burger King, and all that kind of stuff...) Well, I'm back, and on FIRE!!! =:0D I even found a new guy that will back us up! His name is "taby". As you might know, I know how to make stuff work, but it's often how to make it that's a problem for me (ie how to merge to chars, so that "a" + "b" = "ab" in a var, calling API's in a dynamic style, etc)... So, in fact, this guy's all the opposite! He might not be the best at "my stuff", but he will help a lot making it work well! I'm currently under a bug that is in making a var what I want it to be, but don't worry, with his help it should be fixed real soon! Btw, he's on the IGN Game Dev'ing boards a lot (exactly where I get all my help when I need it =;0) ) The next release should be within a week, and will include animations, editable maps (Tunp! SDK anyone? =;0) ), and maybe more! The new GFX should be coming soon too... =:0)

Posted by Vince989 2002-01-11


Hey! A bunch of new neat graphics are coming over! Come back often for a sneak peek! :)

Posted by Jean-Daniel Tanguay 2001-12-15

Survey now online!!!

Hi guys! I started a survey, and I would if you could give me some feedback! By this, I'm not wanting to get all 5's (ex your game 0wnz), I'm only seeking for your opinion, what you think about the game, the way it currently is. BTW, don't worry, I know for sure that this game isn't complete yet AT ALL... I'm working on it, and I just want to know what ppl think about it... =;0)

Posted by Vince989 2001-12-12

New GREAT feature!

Hi guys! I worked on it yesterday and guess what? It now runs in 16 bits!!! =:0) I'm really happy about this, now the dev'ers will be more attracted here, since I 100% agree that 8 bits GFX are somewhat plain ugly =:0( . I don't think I will post a new ver only for this, so I will post it along with a few other neat features... (Higher jumping, Jump Height affected by Run Speed, etc...)

Posted by Vince989 2001-12-12