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Tunez / News: Recent posts


Would the person that submitted the takeover request please contact me or email the tunez-dev list please?

Posted by Philip Lowman 2009-03-08


1.21 has been released. It's primarily a bunch of bugfixes although one feature related to adding weight to more popular songs when selecting a "random" song to play when no one is voting has been added.

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-11-14

Demo available

See http://tunez.yhbt.com for a limited demo of Tunez. Unfortunately I can't demo the icecast integration but hopefully the demo will give new users an idea of what Tunez is like.

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-10-05


Tunez 1.20 has been released.

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-04-07

Patches available

For your convenience I have released instructions for how to patch your version of Tunez if all you are doing is upgrading amongst the 1.20 pre and rc versions. Check the patches section and read the release notes for instructions.

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-04-04


1.20-rc1 has been released. See the changelog for details.

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-04-04

1.20-pre2 released

Just minor bug fixes and some security fixes.. keep the bug reports coming though! :)

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-02-02

1.20-pre1 released

A prerelease for 1.20 is out. Lots of changes, bug fixes, security updates, and other fun stuff. There will be more prereleases coming and a final release of 1.20.

Posted by Philip Lowman 2004-01-26

Tunez 1.0

Tunez 1.0 will brobably out before the end of this year. The cvs has been moved to sf, to comply with the 'release often' rule.
We'd greatly appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and last but not least some documentation...

Posted by Ivo van Doesburg 2002-11-28

Little bug.

Cameron Brunner (thanks) pointed out that voting doesn't work if you're using the browse method

you need to change the browse.php

change from . . . .
displayHeader("Vote for a Song");

to . . .
displayHeader("Vote for a Song");

Posted by Ivo van Doesburg 2000-03-02

Reactions please


Tunez gets downloaded quite a lot, please let me know what you think, mail me or post things in the forum!



Posted by Ivo van Doesburg 2000-02-15

Inital release

Tunez 0.1 will be released February 8th

Posted by Ivo van Doesburg 2000-02-05