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Theses Released

Two theses have been released. Documents have been updated.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-10-18

beta-1.0 patch for kernel 2.4.2 launched

You can obtain a copy of the source files from CVS repository or by downloading 2.4.2-ttcp-beta-1.0.zip

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-06-22

Development tools added and ready for download

An extremely useful IDE "SourceInsight" has been added to the downloadable tools list. It is windows-based and provides some incredibly valuable features to improve your efficiency greatly.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-05-19

First phase of debugging patch for 2.4.2 completed

The patch of 2.4.2 has successfully gone through the kernel compilation. Second phase of debugging will focus on function correctness based on RFC1644. CVS upload will be ready soon.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-05-19

Docs for 2.4.2 again updated and ready for download

Documents for 2.4.2 have been updated. Various graphs, such as T/TCP receiving and sending flowgraphs, have been modified or corrected. Additional important structures have been added.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-05-19

Totally updated docs for 2.4.2 ready for download

Docs for 2.4.2 have seen major updates during the last 1 month. You can browse them online or download the zipped version.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-04-01

CVS upload finished

First modifications can be obtained by checking out module "2.4.2" from CVS.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-04-01

Mirror site open: http://ttcplinux.tripod.com

In addition to our homepage http://ttcplinux.sourceforge.net, a mirror site: http://ttcplinux.tripod.com is ready.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-03-04

Docs for 2.4.2 second part released

Documents for patch 2.4.2 second part "Linux Kernel TCP/IP Stack Layers" released

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-02-12

Docs for 2.4.2 first part released

Documents for 2.4.2 first part "Important structures" releaseed at http://ttcplinux.sourceforge.net

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-02-09

2.2.14 patch released

Patch for 2.2.14 by Tasos Politis is ready for download

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-02-08

Code for 2.0.32 patch released

Patch code for 2.0.32, T/TCP-enabled client and server code and testing code by Mike Stocey are ready for download

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-02-08

Docs for 2.0.32 patch released

Documents for 2.0.32 patch written by Mike Stocey are ready for download.

Posted by Larry Ren 2002-02-08