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+ Buoy
+ HyperSonic
= Minuet

Posted by Tom Demuyt 2004-10-12



as promised, the tool for converting ABAP to HTML is up. Use it and show of ;)


Posted by Tom Demuyt 2002-04-29

Up again

I have some tools I would like to share with the world & I am planning to have one day my own PernAngband variant. ABAP2HTML should be uploaded next week monday.

Posted by Tom Demuyt 2002-04-25

Duh, found a job, project lost interest

How do I close this down ?

Posted by Tom Demuyt 2001-07-18

Up and running !

I've just quit my job and have some free time on my hands. If any of the original TimeScape folks pass by, please subscribe here too ! No files available yet, but check on a weekly basis. The next version will have monster combat !

See you then !

Posted by Tom Demuyt 2000-11-18