#13 Add keyboard map to RDP

Unstable (example)

This is a patch that adds a keyboard map entry for rdesktop. Since I am in a non US country I had a problem with the keyboard when connecting to other computer via RDP. Rdesktop should use the LC_ALL environement, but I found that it did not work well. So I added a text entry in the config dialog for RDP that adds a keyboard map and the option '-k <keyboard map>' when running rdesktop.

Apparently I have a newer version of Glade, because the diff to the tsclient.glade was sever. I only added a text entry for the Keyboard map.
I made this patch to the branch tsclient-unstable.

Since I have limited knowledge of tsclient, I am not sure if this fix is the best way of doing it. Someone better understanding tsclient should go trough it and change it where necessary and hopefully add the patch to upstream.

I works for me and I hope it will server other to.


  • Adds keyboard map to RDP