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TrouSerS 0.2.8 now available

TrouSerS version 0.2.8 release notes

This is probably the most substantial release of TrouSerS yet, with nearly 10% of the code changing from 0.2.7, tons of bug fixes and an
API change. All users are strongly encouraged to update to 0.2.8.

An upcoming errata to the TSS 1.1 header files by the TSSWG is included in 0.2.8. All applications that reference the TSS_VALIDATION
structure must be updated. Because of this incompatible API change, the libtool library major version number for libtspi has been bumped. Installing TrouSerS 0.2.8 will therefore require a run of ldconfig and a recompile of all applications that link against it.

Also, the TSS_TSPATTRIB_KEYBLOB_PUBLIC_KEY flag for Tspi_GetAttribData will now return a serialized TCPA_PUBKEY structure instead of the RSA modulus, which was returned in previous versions. To get/set the RSA modulus, please use TSS_TSPATTRIB_KEYINFO_RSA_MODULUS, which will be included in an upcoming TSS 1.2 errata and has been added to TrouSerS 0.2.8 for convenience.

Posted by Kent Yoder 2006-09-22