#2 database plugin

Nicolas HAHN

HI all ! Very interesting project !

here is a feature I think important:
add the ability to use a database like postgresql or
mysql instead of the tripwire database.

By this way, all could be centralised for all machines
on which we want generate signatures. Same thing for
configuration: all centralised in the database.

This project is very interesting, and I think I will
insert in the X-itools project
(http://x-itools.sourceforge.net) a module to produce
automatically the configuration files of the different
tripwires running on my thousands of machines.

I will generate a postgresql database for this (because
my project is around postgres) to store all this config
files related to this different machines.

For doing a kind of link with tripwire (waiting for
this famous database plug-in ;-), I will use a kind of
NFS share on one server, in which all tripwire programs
and my X-Itool module will have access...
And for the moment, it could be possible to generate
tripwire configuration files from the database...

I will see, I have to think about it ;-)


  • Nicolas HAHN
    Nicolas HAHN

    • priority: 5 --> 1