Error: Section already declared. FS Line 77

  • FC9

    When I attempt to update the policy to exclude non-existent files from the OOTB policy for Fedora Core 9 I get the following:

    $ sudo tripwire -m p /etc/tripwire/twpol.txt
    Parsing policy file: /etc/tripwire/twpol.txt
    ### Error: Section already declared.
    ### FS: Line number 77
    ### Exiting...

    I used tripolex to rem non-existent entries in twpol.txt.

    Line 77+ in twpol.txt reads:

    @@section FS
    SEC_CRIT      = $(IgnoreNone)-SHa ;  # Critical files that cannot change
    SEC_SUID      = $(IgnoreNone)-SHa ;  # Binaries with the SUID or SGID flags set
    SEC_BIN       = $(ReadOnly) ;        # Binaries that should not change
    SEC_CONFIG    = $(Dynamic) ;         # Config files that are changed infrequently but accessed often
    SEC_LOG       = $(Growing) ;         # Files that grow, but that should never change ownership
    SEC_INVARIANT = +tpug ;              # Directories that should never change permission or ownership
    SIG_LOW       = 33 ;                 # Non-critical files that are of minimal security impact
    SIG_MED       = 66 ;                 # Non-critical files that are of significant security impact
    SIG_HI        = 100 ;                # Critical files that are significant points of vulnerability

    I am using tripwire from binary rpm: tripwire-

    Am I doing anything wrong or have I stumbled on a bug? This is the latest version available as rpm.