rpmbuild and spec file


  • Anonymous

    Trying to build an RPM on CentOS6, for which an RPM does not seem to be available, and running into difficulties.  So far I've had to:

    1) rename the source directory from tripwire- to just plain tripwire- because that's what the generated temp script seems to expect

    2) download the required tripwire-siggen-man8.patch and place it in rpmbuild/SOURCES

    3) create empty License-Issues and tripwire.gif, also in rpmbuild/SOURCES

    Now I've hit a roadblock I can't get around.

    + cd /home/jhg/rpmbuild/BUILD
    + cd tripwire-
    + /bin/rm -rf /home/jhg/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/tripwire-
    + post
    /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.tf9QWJ: line 31: post: command not found
    error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.tf9QWJ (%clean)

    I *think* the line "post" should be a comment, as the line below does some post install configuration.

    I'm a relative newbie at rpmbuild:

    *  Am I doing something completely wrong, or is the provided spec file out of date?
    *  Can anyone recommend the simplest path to building a usable RPM?

    (I tried downloading RPMs for Fedora and CentOS5, but both of those failed on dependencies on libcrypto.so.6 - I have openssl-devel installed but it provides libcrypto.so (without the .6) ).