#42 various (ending game, scoring, loading, other)


Hi - I have the following suggestions. I'm not sure to
what extent they may have already been considered. I
am currently using 0.5.1

1. Ending the game

Am I missing something, or is there currently no feature
whereby the game finishes when one side is victorious?
Currently nothing happens when one side has been

2. Scoring

Either a running score (of territorities won/lost, each
type of unit deployed/lost/killed, etc) accessible during
the game, or at the end (see above) would be a nice

3. Play order

The 'stats' tab lists the powers in alphabetical order -
rather than the actual play order, which would be much
more useful.

4. Viewing new units

Once you bought your new units, I don't think there's
anyway to see what you've bought until the place new
units phase. How about including this under the stats

5. Load from within game

Currently it is only possible to save and exit - loading
from within the game would be a nice touch.

6. Bug - some sea and land zones reconfigure during the

For example, the middle US zone in the new version of
the game (don't have it open) disappears once its being
fought over; same with one of the south atlantic sea
zones; ALSO in the Med, and in east indian zones, the
distance marker sometimes says it is a 2 zone move
when it is really a 3 zoner.

Otherwise - it is a great version of the game! Thanks
very much to anyone who can implement these

Kim Nicholson (kim_nicholson@yahoo.com)


  • George

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    I have fixed the sea zone problem in south america, and
    another one in africa. As for the distance marks.. thats
    probably a mistake in the XML file where it connects the
    seazones and someone might have accidently connected 2 sea
    zones and skipped the one in the middle..

    I remember fixed 3 or 4 of these errors pertaining to the
    pact of steel mod. The changes are in the CVS and due to be
    out with the next release. The pact of steel fixes I have
    included in v0.5.1.1 to v1.5 beta (the version the
    community decided on using).