#3 Playback problems over wireless networks

Paul Noffke

Submitted by ineedcolor via forum.

Hello All

I installed tRio today. I am running WinXP on a Via mini-
ITX board with an 800 MHz processor and 256 Mb of
RAM in my music server. It's hooked to a Linksys
BEFW11S4 wireless router. My bedroom receiver is
hard wired and my living room receiver is linked with a
Linksys WET 11. I was using the Rio audio manager
v1.4 software and both receivers performed flawlessly
through the firewall and with 64 bit WEP enabled.

Today, after setting up and running tRio, I experienced
drop-outs in the audio stream in the bedroom and
almost no playability in the living room. The problem was
even more pronounced when I synchronized the players.
They would both start out fine together and within 5
minutes the living room player would stop playing
followed soon after by the bedroom player.

I am using static IPs for all of my networked equipment.
I disabled DHCP in both the router and my music server.
I have all of the latest drivers and software versions
installed in my equipment. I tried using the living room
player with the firewall software disabled and with WEP
disabled, no change. I followed Paul's installation
instructions to the letter...

Any ideas?


  • Rembrandtx

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    I too am having this problem.
    the only addition is that I am running a number of bridges and
    wireless access ports.