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Shilosh OS / News: Recent posts

After "Freeze" Status

After long time of doing nothing, we plan to release virst LiveCD's with Athlon-XP optimizations, and pure x86 (i386).
This two releases will be numbered 0.0, there are only for developers and testers. This releases are not user friendly at all:

Base includes:
GCC 3.2.3
GLIBC 2.3.2
Kernel -2.6.7 & 2.4.26
Perl 5.8.3 and a lot of other dev. tools.
X11 will not be included and all other X11 stuff will be out too.... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-08-31

Work restarted or how some ppl earn money with GPL

the bad times are in the past, with freeze of work on Shilosh OS (aka Trinity OS), or simply OS/3...

The current opened positions will be placed in few minutes to the project page, as main objective of SourceForge.NET to support OpenSource projects, Shilosh OS is FREE, and all of the current team members and future that will join us will work for free and glory (or they can recieve donations from the current option from SF.NET)... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2004-04-13

Pkgtools 4.1.1 vs. GCC 3.xx

Probably last version will fix the error with GCC 3, and the program will work

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2003-06-26

Ports 0.1.3 is Out

A lot of new changes and additions, latest KDE with optimizations. But dependencies are temporary removed for a short time, in next stable release everything will be fixed.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2003-06-13

Shilosh OS Website Launched

Finaly, we got a website, current its under construction, but soon with help from the other team members, will be ready

Big Thanks to Ignat Lichenko - Longer for the web space, and the Sparc servers

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2003-05-30

Shilosh OS comes with WOLK Kernel

Here are the some of the improvments of WOLK Kernel:

Highlights since v4.0s*:

- rmap15b + pte improvement
- grsecurity v1.9.8 Final
- CIPE v1.5.4
- Systrace v2.4.20
- Linux Trustees v2.10
- vservers (ctx) v16
- PSPA v2.4.19-16
- Encrypting ethernet bridge
- ebtales (firewalling) for ethernet bridge
- shm-largepages
- Very tuned O(1) Scheduler + Scheduler Tunables via /proc/sys/sched
- AIO (from latest -aa)
- epoll v0.60
- dcache-fastwalk v2.4.20
- RAID- and ReiserFS speedups (alot)
- TONS of fixes for bugs present in vanilla kernels
- Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) Support
- Hangcheck {Timer|Comp|Thread|Delay}
- IBM Advanced System Management Service Processor support
- Intel VTune Support
very clean implementations of:
- preempt v2.4.20-ac
- Low Latency v2.4.20-O(1)
- Low Latency Disk Elevator ... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2003-01-14

Some mini HOWTO's released.

In our Download section, I upload, a very small (micro HOWTO's) for Shilosh OS Bootscripting. I will try to make more extended, as soon as possible to me.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2003-01-10

Finaly, I'm back to the project

Cos I dont have anything other to do, than to complete it.

Quote: from the forums:

"And after six months, no one if I'm not online is not make anything :(

Cool, let's start from the beggining, I was been in a hospital with my wife, for a very long time, now she is in heaven, and I'm back to release Shilosh as soon as possible
I have only one favor, when my love is gone
To make shilosh available to the ppl for free, to brake down the Microsoft monopol, as you know, our little concurency failed their mission, and release their Lindows, for price, very big price, if I'm a end user, I will choose MS, easy to use, easy to install and no so easy to support, but this is other question. with their stupid Linux failed. Now is our way to show, what we can do. I hope, that you're ppl, will be with me, to complete it this task."

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-12-29

Back on-line

I was out from the net, and from the projects too, for a couple of months, but now I'm back and think that this pause will be last.

Work on the projects will be restartet with full power, I promise that first testing releasse will be out very soon, if it not ready till the end of this year, will be released in the beginning of 2003

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-12-06

Shilosh Wine is coming

Our modification of Wine, will be placed for download in few days, it will include powerfull configuration utility, and easy to use applet for X11, to Add/Remove programs from Wine, this tool is also called XWine, do not mess it up with the commercial Wine X developed by Transgaming.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-10-07

WinAMP 3.0 under Shilosh Wine

WinAMP 3.0 run fine with our upcoming Wine modification, currently if you download 2002080x of wine, you can run it without any problems, old applications that are described in Wine success section is woking fine with this wine release.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-10-07

Ports 0.2.1 Released

More dependencies added, fixed some build scripts.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-08-20

Final Alpha of Pkgutils is out

4.1.0 released as final alpha is out and ready to use
Dependencie routine is now fixed and up, fixed some minor bugs, fixed some spelling errors. See in changelog for more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-08-20

Some notes about Storm SAS

Storm SAS is taken from the old and very good Debian based Linux Distribution Stormix 2000. SAS is a System Administration Suite, for easy configuration, maintain and support linux server. Now if someone want to run SAS on his system, it must download all the files form Storm SAS. For more infomartion about SAS features visit Task - Shilosh OS SAS. This task is not started yet, but you can use the old, unmodified Stormix SAS.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-08-10

Ports 0.2.0 Release

Yeah, 0.2.0 is release, deps is particulary added, GNOME 1.x is fully added, GNOME 2.0.0 need code clean, KDE 3.0.2 and many more additions and changes. Now and the bad news, I split ports in few directories, cos is very hard, for one man to maintain all this folders, and all the files (ports maintainers is still needed), and for this I split all directories to /opt, /x11, /games and /base.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-08-10

Some changes to Shilosh base

CenterICQ, Motor and his dependecies are moved from Development and Net to base, it will be included in every base distributions.

CenterICQ - description:
Centericq is a text mode menu- and window-driven IM interface that supports the ICQ2000, Yahoo!, AIM, MSN and IRC protocols. It allows you to send, receive, and forward messages, URLs, SMSes (both through the ICQ server and e-mail gateways supported by Mirabilis), contacts, and email express messages. It also lets you set your own and fetch others' away messages, and define external handlers for incoming events. You can mass message-send, search for users (including the extended "whitepages search"), view users' details, maintain your contact list directly from the program (including non-ICQ contacts), view the message history, register a new UIN and update your details, be informed upon receipt of email messages, automatically set away after the defined period of inactivity (on any console), and have your own ignore, visible, and invisible lists. It can also associate events with sounds, make log of events, has support for Hebrew and Arabic languages, and allows arrangement of contacts into groups.... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-07-26

We are not dead

The team is not dead, the main goal - universal and powerful package managment system is near to be finished, 1st testing release of Shilosh Installer is near to be finished and soon, maybe in several day will be released for testing. Our modification of Wine is under heavy development to make some clearance of the code. PWAS is under active development, PWAS is a "Perl Web Administration System" easy to use, install and maintain "Webmin" -like administration.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-07-20

WineT-0.1 Removed

A lot of errors was founded in this early version, the source is removed, need some code cleance. This version that's allready downloaded by ppl, may partialy work with --disable-opengl --enable-sdl (need to install libSDL 1.2.x). Sorry, I hope that this problem will be cleared soon.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-07-10

Work on ports 0.2.0 begin

The work on the current stable ports tree begin. Now with dependencies check and install on demand, new pkgutils can assume version differents, eg. if the needed version 2.0.2 of Glib but on your system you have installed 2.0.5 it will accept it as have dependencie.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-07-02

Shilosh OS ports-0.1.2 released

Some bugs fixed and tons of new added :)
Full KDE 3.0.1
Partial addition of GNOME 2 (maintainers for GNOME is needed)
Some hotfixes is added, 10x to guys from Debian.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-06-30

Shilosh OS modification of Wine is comming

Versio 0.1 of our modification is on the way, it have full DirectX 6 support, some 7 & 8 supports. Windows games and spplications that required DX6 is working very fine(of course on high price), current version of Shilosh Wine is tested and working fine on GF2, Athlon XP and 256 SDRAM (with some hdd scratches).
It will be available for download in few days.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-06-30

Say bay, bay to all F***** trademarks

Trinity OS, will be released under name Trinity OS, but in Israelish - Shilosh OS, is Trinity OS, Trinity is registered, but in English. Some history words - Trinity is not only the girl's nickname from The Matrix, yeah great movie. It's a religious, it comes from the holy spirit, our God and his Son. In Bulgarian this is something like "Holy tree" - simply Svetata Troica, that last two words in pure bulgarian :)... read more

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-06-27

Pkgutils-4.0.2-alpha Released

fixed bugs with dependencies
added <,> for version changes, see more in changelog

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-06-24

Project name changed

Trinity OS, is changed TEMPORARY to Triny, when I consult with my lawyers, and some other ppl, for the Trinity OS, what was registered and what not, if there is a difference beween Trinity OS and TrinityOS, and in case, if TrinityOS is different from Trinity OS, I will turn it back.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-06-23

Trinity 0.1 Freezed

0.1 will come late with few months, cos only few developers, really works on the project.... But I hope, that until the end of the year, Trinity will come out.

Posted by Stefan Ilivanov 2002-06-11