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Version 1.0 released

Version 1.0 offers operators to rotate, transpose or scale the entire mesh.
It also allows the creation of simple meshes (boxes, tetrahedra, pyramids, octahedra, dodecahedra, icosahedra, ellipsoids, 2D-functions).
Severals bug were fixed as well (see the Changelog for details).

Posted by Schokoolero50 2009-03-14

Version released

Version fixes a bug that let TriMM crash at startup on some computers.
It also offers "Save" in addition to "Save As" and allows to start with an empty triangle mesh.

Posted by Schokoolero50 2009-01-23

Version 0.6beta released

Version 0.6beta brings multilanguage support.

You can add a language of your choice by simply copying one of the included language files (english, german) and replacing the strings by a translation of your own.

Posted by Schokoolero50 2009-01-06

Version 0.5beta released

This version brings several new features (see changelog for details) such as edge picking, edge subdivision and saveable settings.
It also has a new WPF-GUI instead of the old Windows Forms one (There are still a few Windows Forms elements though, because there is no adequate replacement for many Windows Forms features in WPF yet.)

Posted by Schokoolero50 2008-12-22

Version 0.4beta released

Appart from several bugfixes and testing of the methods, TriMM now supports Wavefronts .OBJ format (only triangle meshes can be read, texture and other information not needed by this program is ignored) and subdivision of the entire mesh has been added.

Posted by Schokoolero50 2008-11-29

Version 0.3alpha released

Version 0.3alpha can calculate vertexnormalvectors with several algorithms. Several bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Schokoolero50 2008-11-09

Version 0.2alpha released

Version 0.2alpha contains some new features and has a new, cleaner layout.

Posted by Schokoolero50 2008-11-03

Alpha Version

The sourcecode of a first alpha version of TriMM is available in the SVN repository.

It is only a rough version lacking several functions and code-comments. It hasn't been checked for bugs yet. Any information about bugs is welcome.

Posted by Schokoolero50 2008-10-27