On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Liviu Andronic <liv-public@myopera.com> wrote:
I tried the texture and I have a question: Why did you choose the monospaced NotCourierSans? I've gotten so accustomed to the (serif?) font used in Trigger that I have a hard time getting used to the boxy feeling of NotCourierSans. :)

I think I went to OFL [1] and picked the first (monospace) font that looked cool-racing-like to me. Or maybe I already had NotCourirerSans and remembered it.

[1] http://openfontlibrary.org 
How difficult is it to come up with the texture? What about using one of the Liberation (Sans or Serif) or DejaVu (Sans, Mono or Serif) variations, which are all excellent for on-screen rendering? If it is a mono font that we want, perhaps Terminus would fit the bill (it is excellent for rendering terminal output).

Monospace means that each character uses the same amount of width (not necessarily that there is the same horizontal length of black ink, just that each character 'reserves' an equal amount of space. Trigger Rally has a monospace font and we should be using a font that was designed as monospace, as using a font that was not designed as such would most likely be noticeable. It would probably also be tedious to adjust a non-monospace font for export as png.

Monospace fonts can be both serif and sans-serif. If you know a monospace font which you like, we can try making replacement fonts. Dejavu Serif seems not to exist in a monospace version combination.

My process is:
1. Open template [2] in GIMP
2. apply monospace font to text layer
3. set size so that each character fits inside a box
3. adjust space between characters and between lines so the distances are 32x32 pixels
4. duplicate font layer
5. invert color of duplicate
6. move duplicate/invert layer behind font layer
7. apply filters/blur/gaussian with 1px x/y radius
8. duplicate the duplicate/invert layer 10 times
9. hide helper layers
10. save as font texture png.

[2] http://f.qubodup.net/layeredfont.png.xcf.bz2