#2 cache & display record track time (& checkpoints)


Sorry for the long request. It would be nice to have a log of best results for each track.

Trigger could cahce/update:
- record track time
- the checkpoints time from the record run

These could be used for the following. In the UI:
- display personal record (and associated car model) beneath the name/author in the track selection screen. For example,
Name Far far away
Author Richard Langridge
Record 01:21.26

PR 01:21.26

where "PR" stands for Personal Record.

During a race:
- at each check point freeze the counter for 2-3 sec
- during the freeze display to the right of the counter a message similar to " (1) PR +2.1sec" (in yellow colour) or to " (1) PR -2.1sec" (in green colour). The colour will depend on whether the time was improved compared to the checpoint time of the track record. The "(1)" will indicate the nr of the checkpoint. For example, a counter frozen at "00:17.23 (1) PR -2.1sec" would mean that the driver improved by 2 seconds the checkpoint time associated with the track record (cached as suggested above). The " (1) PR -2.1sec" part would be green, and would be displayed only in the 2-3 secs that the counter was frozen. If the lag is of less than .1 seconds, the message might be " (1) PR -0.0sec" (in green) if time improvement or " (1) PR -0.0sec" (in yellow) otherwise, or simply put it at " (1) PR 0.0sec" using the same colour as the timer.
- at the end of the race display improvement/regression on track record, as suggested above; this would effectively be the message for the last checkpoint
- change colour for total time to smth less greenish, to accommodate new colouring scheme

If the features are implemented they would render the game more exciting, by allowing the driver to have a real-time and intuitive feedback of race progression and a target tougher to beat than the track limit time. Personally, I'm currently remembering one-two landscapes and some ballpark figure (1.30 secs) to gauge some sort of estimate regarding track/race progression. As for the best times, I tried for some time to do this manually by remembering the best time (when achieved), editing the track config file and including the best time in the message, but ultimately I gave up since it was a pain.


  • landroni

    The checkpoint course-time freeze of 2-3 sec has been implemented in r40.