Christmas Gift

  • Bremm

    4 tracks + event, so you can practice before run the event. Download it here:

    You can put the zip file into "plugins" folder (here is /usr/share/games
    /trigger-rally/plugins") and the game will unzip it into RAM when necessary
    (don't need extract it).


    1st level is based in a cool track located 100mi from my home. Do it in 3min
    with your Seat;
    2nd level is a bit difficult, but you have 4min to complete it. Better try
    with your Ford, because with the Seat is a bit more challenging;
    3rd track is an old idea that I've been thinking since early 2000's, and you
    have 4min to do it;
    4th track is a stress test, because the track is an spiral and pretty
    tricky.You can cheat on it to finish before 20min, but cheating you're only
    lying to yourself. Be honest and do the best with your Mitsubishi, because
    Ford and Seat probably will fail.

    Happy driving!

  • landroni

    Nice work! Thanks!

  • landroni

    Scorpio is probably the most demanding and drivable trigger track. Great job!

    Helicoil, on the other hand, I am not sure I will ever have the patience to
    drive it for 20min, and I generally consider myself a (very) patient person :)


  • Anonymous

    Yea, Helicoil is kind of boring. I used to drive it while waiting a
    compilation process. I made two new tracks, called "monza" and "8765", but I
    never released them.

    Triggerrallymaps is a wonderful idea, I could release these two "new" tracks
    there too (but I have no idea how to upload files there).

  • landroni

    In my mind Triggerrallymaps was a failsafe plan, cause I feared the project
    was doomed. But since Jasmine was so reactive and gave as write rights to the
    repo, I guess that at the moment best would be to upload the new tracks to the
    trigger SVN. With your permission and preferably under GPL, I could upload
    your tracks to the repo. Let me know what you think.

    Could you please post the two new tracks?


  • Anonymous

    If CC doesn't fit your needs, we can change that to GPLv2 or v3 (not sure with
    one is better for this). Then I'll upload the two remaining. =)

  • landroni

    Hmm, I'm not sure about this. Although the sources don't contain anything
    specific on this, sourceforge lists the project under GPL. I believe that
    projects can distribute files under different licences, as long as this is
    clearly stated. I think it would be best for Jasmine to decide this.

    Do you think you could release the two remaining tracks under CC, for the time
    being. I really wanted to try the new tracks this evening :)

    PS Eu não falo português, но кажется ты говоришь по русски?


  • Anonymous

    Sure, if needed we can change it from CC to GPL, That's it:

    Но я говорю по-русски плохо, как плохо пишу.))

    До скорого!

  • J

    It's great that you're adding new tracks :)

    In the original release of Trigger, the code was GPL and the rest CC Attrib
    (if I remember correctly). However, it turns out that the various CC licences
    are not considered to be free software compatible by Debian, so I made the
    whole thing GPL.

    So, anything that gets packaged with the game should please be GPL licenced.
    If you prefer though, you could make a separate "contrib" directory in the SVN
    for storing maps, etc under different licences. Please include an explanatory
    text file if you do that.

  • landroni

    Спасибо. Я уже написал письмо Жасмин

    As for the tracks, Monza is currently broken. At about 4th or 5th checkpoint,
    the subsequent is off-track. Also, I like the idea of having maps for F1
    8765 is great, somewhat in the style of Scorpio

    Thanks. I already wrote to Jasmine

  • landroni

    If I am to release "my" maps, we will probably need a "contrib" dir. The maps
    that I have for release were grabbed from a previous web site of trigger (I
    think), and obviously I am not the author, while the original authors did not
    specify any licence info (to the best of my knowledge).

    Another practical problem. With the tracks to be released, the list of tracks
    gets overcrowded and (here) longer than the maximum 16 displayed on-screen and
    available for selection. Do you think it would be difficult to add in the
    trigger GUI a "contrib" section, alongside "enter event" and "single race"?
    Alternatively, would it be possible to render possible to scroll the list and
    select items not immediately displayed?

  • Bremm

    @ landroni
    I think we could discard "Helicoil" and put in its place "8765". Please tell
    me what you think about. I forgot Monza was unfinished, because I didn't play
    it anymore. Maybe it's SantaCruz's XML needing checkpoint relocations.

    @ ja-reiko
    These tracks I made could follow the same license used in the Trigger-Rally or
    whatever you think is the best option to be used. I just made them CC because
    they're only a bunch of images with XML files.

  • landroni

    Yes, "8765" would be a nice tournament-ending bonus. Have just checked and
    SantaCruz's checkpoints are fine.

  • J

    Yes, the lack of scrolling is a problem in the Trigger UI. Perhaps I will try
    to add it at some point, or add another page of contributed single races, but
    I doubt it will happen any time soon. (Unless someone else would like to have
    a go?)

    In the meantime I would suggest that you follow the approach Richard took in
    the main Trigger Cup event, and hide most or all of the maps in the event from
    the Single Race screen. This will make the event much more interesting, I
    think! It gives the player more of a sense of progress and achievement.

    Perhaps one day when I finally get around to making Trigger 2, I'll put in a
    real online library system for sharing and rating maps and events. Don't hold
    your breath for that...

    By the way, you'll find the trigger licence and readme files under the doc/
    directory in the svn repo.

  • A library system would be very useful. Hopefully it becomes convenient with
    more and more tracks being created.

    According to the tracks of bremm:
    Sinuous, Scorpio & 8765 would make a nice event (without the other tracks). In
    terms of scenery they are rather similar.
    Sinuous has a great atmosphere (due to its colours). Also Scorpio and 8765 are
    well-textured/-coloured. And the terrain is really interesting in both tracks.

  • landroni

    jasmine: How difficult would it be to add a page of contrb races? How much
    programming would this require?

    Without holding my breath, I will start filing requests and bugs in
    anticipation of Trigger 2. Thus there will be some sort of list of missing
    things. Perhaps someone else with programming experience would like to chip

  • J

    landroni, that's cool, thank you. Nice to have a wishlist published somewhere.

    I will think about the maps problem. I don't want to add another top level
    menu item, but I think some sort of next/previous paging might be easy to do.

  • Bremm

    That's a pity, because I would ask an option to "practice" any track. I had to
    "hack" my game (add symlinks) to add single tracks from some tourney to warm-

    I see BiggerCup has only three tracks, so I think your idea about having
    "Sinuous, Scorpio & 8765" is a good combo.

    @ landroni
    If everybody agree, SantaCruz could be a single race track, outside RSCup.

    If it's OK for Trigger-Rally project, I'll redo RSCup with those 3 tracks +
    SantaCruz single, everything under GPLv2.

  • landroni

    jasmine: next/previous paging would be just great! But I agree with bremm that
    a "practice" top-level item is desirable. It would include the events' maps
    allowed for practising. This would enforce a clear separation between events
    and single tracks.

    keyser84: To my tastes Santa Cruz is fine, but a bit too long and monotone for
    a warm-up; I think it would be a good single-track addition. As for the event,
    would it make sense to switch places Scorpio & 8765? In terms of difficulty
    and time-limits Scorpio is tougher and would make for a better tournament
    ending. When you're ready with the cup, let me know in private (via my profile
    page) and I'll upload the files.

  • Santa Cruz is a little bit boring. And although the "street texture" with the
    yellow line looks good in the hudmap, it doesn't on the ground. With a
    seperate hudmap this could be fixed: then the colormap would have only the
    grey street.

    Scorpio should be the tournament ending.

    Btw.: these are bremm's maps.