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[r65] by jareiko

Engine sound was definitely recorded by us

2012-02-03 19:24:42 Tree
[r64] by qubodup

added smallswirl and eversnake author info and marked icon, which is based on a screenshot of problematic-textured car as problematic

2012-02-02 01:35:16 Tree
[r63] by qubodup

added eversnake and smallswirl levels

2012-02-02 01:21:36 Tree
[r62] by qubodup

updated gear graphic to have old-style black translucent bg

2012-01-26 14:06:47 Tree
[r61] by qubodup

corrected icon author (got correct info via email from stefan potyra)

2012-01-24 19:59:19 Tree
[r60] by qubodup

Removed cursor.png and arrow.png, updated authors and main.h and main.cpp accordingly

2012-01-23 22:17:05 Tree
[r59] by qubodup

added icon from debian package

2012-01-23 21:51:21 Tree
[r58] by qubodup

added alignster author info

2012-01-21 23:57:11 Tree
[r57] by qubodup

added alignster map (all cars can be selected)

2012-01-21 23:54:58 Tree
[r56] by qubodup

replaced life helmet and dial gear icons with license-safe images and updated data authors accordingly

2012-01-21 23:41:46 Tree
[r55] by ja-reiko


2012-01-05 21:41:38 Tree
[r54] by ja-reiko

remove unused texture

2012-01-05 21:38:49 Tree
[r53] by iturner

Reduce foliage in Monza to fix bug ID: 3468785

2012-01-05 21:30:53 Tree
[r52] by ja-reiko

Remove font

2012-01-05 19:46:28 Tree
[r51] by landroni

add 3 new variations on the 'Old Macdonald' theme

2012-01-03 22:09:24 Tree
[r50] by sistpoty

drop duplicate backup file. (identical to seat.vehicle).

2011-11-23 20:44:07 Tree
[r49] by sistpoty

* permission cleanup: data files (which aren't executable) shouldn't have
the svn:executable property set.

2011-11-23 20:12:03 Tree
[r48] by iturner

Update the version, release date, and contributors

2011-10-05 07:44:58 Tree
[r47] by ja-reiko

updated README

2011-10-02 13:11:03 Tree
[r46] by landroni

improve contrast in the menu colour-scheme

2011-09-27 17:48:20 Tree
[r45] by iturner

Add hybrid speed dial with configuration option to switch between the existing analogue dial and the new hybrid dial

2011-09-13 06:41:47 Tree
[r44] by iturner

Added kph speed dial and a configuration option to switch from mph dial to kph

2011-09-11 00:03:18 Tree
[r43] by iturner

Going back from the race screen returns to the same page of the single race screen

2011-09-10 10:08:17 Tree
[r42] by ja-reiko

tabs to spaces

2011-08-29 22:02:15 Tree
[r41] by ja-reiko

Convert to unix line endings

2011-08-29 21:42:08 Tree
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