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+Chuck Sites Jan 2005
+[Edited by Jasmine Langridge]
+   Trigger is an awesome game visually speaking and when I first saw
+it, I wanted to get some 3D stereo hooks into it to really explore the
+maps and scenes in 3D (Virtual Reality) like stereo graphics.  I can
+now say that 3D stereo for Linux has finally arrived, and Trigger is
+the first game that really demonstrates that capability thanks to Jaz
+and Richard.
+   I've been working with stereo vision for a long time starting with
+Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) workstations, and for the past 10 Years, I've
+longed for that level of capabilities with Linux.  Well, I think it
+has finally arrived in hardware with the Nvidia line of Quadro
+cards and the ATI FireGL cards.  These hardware accelerated graphics
+boards perform better than some of the top of the line SGI workstations  
+from my experience.  The down side is that the entry level stereo
+capable cards like the entry level QuadroFX/500 (about the  equivalent
+of a GeForceFX 5200)  cost about $300US! compared to $49 for the
+GeForce.  Anyway, stereo with Linux in games is new, so I wanted to
+put together some tips on how to get the best hardware accelerated
+"quadbuffer" stereo performance with Linux.
+Nvidia Quadro series
+ATI FireGL series  
+Nvidia hardware hacked GeForce2 cards.  
+  See: 'http://www.geocities.com/tnaw_xtennis/G-Quadro-2.htm'
+  I've done this to a couple of cards and it really is not easy but 
+  it does work.  I've lost some cards overtime where the screen 
+  suddenly becomes fuzzy,  so I can't say the hardware fix is really
+  stable. Some GeForce2 cards are not not documented and may not 
+  be 'hack-able'.  Newer cards like the GeForce3, GeForce4, GeForceFX 
+  and the new GeForce 6600 and 6800 are not hackable to the Quadro, 
+  and I find it really frustrating that Nvidia does not support Stereo 
+  in it's consumer level devices even though the chips are easily 
+  capable of handling it.  Maybe someone can create a 'Softquadro' 
+  solution (hacked device driver) for Linux like exists for Windows.
+  Softquadro is widely used by students and professionals that want to
+  get the most out of their NVIDIA GeForce(x) cards. The professional
+  level cards by NVIDIA, such as Quadro, Quadro2 and Quadro DCC share
+  the same GPU with the GeForce cards. The only difference in
+  performance is that Quadro cards use special Professional features
+  that are disabled in the GeForce cards. Until SoftQuadro was
+  released, the only way to turn GeForce cards into Quadros was to
+  physically solder several transistors on the boards thus forcing the
+  card to send back a Device ID that corresponds to a Quadro card,
+  thus enabling the drivers to recognize it as such. SoftQuadro simply
+  patches the drivers and forces the Professional features of the card
+  to be used. 
+ Read the NVIDIA-linux driver release notes on how to configure
+your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 (or Xorg config) file to support stereo
+with the  option "Stereo".  This is added in the section "Device"
+of the config file.  In mine, I have
+Section "Device"
+    Identifier "device1"
+    VendorName "nVidia Corporation"
+    BoardName "NVIDIA QuadroFx"
+    Driver "nvidia"
+    Option "Stereo" "1"
+... etc. 
+ I've not had experience with ATI's linux drivers but I've heard it 
+isn't pleasant.  Hopefully ATI will get the Linux bug too and we will
+see something competitive with Nvidia soon.
+If you have a supported card, you need a pair of LCD shutter
+glasses and a Sync Doubler, see: 'http://www.stereo3d.com/control.htm'
+I-glasses makes one of the nicest consumer level glasses, that
+includes all the hardware needed for QuadBuffer stereo.  
+They are at: 'http://www.i-glassesstore.com/'
+The EXtreme 3D Game Glasses http://www.3dmedialabs.com/3dml-002.html
+is pretty nice. $69US for the wired, $89US wireless. Wireless is nice
+if you have a pair and you want a friend to look over your shoulder,
+but beware, the batteries are not cheap at about $3 for a few weeks of
+heavy use.  I like both; so get the wireless set first (includes a IR
+emitter), and get the wired glasses separately.  They both plug into
+the same sync-doubler VGA-pass through dongle and while you're wearing
+the wired glasses, your fiends can be looking over your shoulder with
+the wireless.  When the batteries on your wireless give out, you have
+the wired glasses to fall back on.
+  LCDs:
+If you have an LCD monitor, I'm sorry to say there is no hope doing
+stereo without going to some sort of polarizer systems or using other
+methods (See ANAGLYPH AND OTHER OPTIONS).  However, there are some
+interesting new methods for viewing stereo on LCD monitors, see:
+'http://www.soft.lt/hardware/lcd/' for good concept.  For now, that is
+kind of a home-brew way of stereo on LCDs.  There are some LCD
+monitors available know as AUTOSTEREO LCDs (or autostereo displays)
+that render 3D stereo graphics without glasses. I've seen and used
+them and they are way cool but not cheap ($1500+).  I will say one
+thing from experience with these monitors; eye separation from
+software can either make the effect real or break your vision!.  Most
+autostereo LCDs will still need a sync doubler just like LCD shutter
+glasses, so you should get one of those anyway.  On the upside of
+autostereo, Trigger will support it!
+  CRTs:
+For real 'Quadbuffer' stereo, the CRT monitor is a key piece of
+equipment.  Everything from phosphor decay rates to refresh rates will
+make a difference.  You will probably want a newer type digital
+monitor, one that supports EDID (Extended Display Identification Data,
+or sometime called DDC) signaling between the video card and the
+monitor.  It's through this signaling that the monitor tells the
+graphics card what resolutions and refresh rates it supports.  An old
+analog VGA monitor that support 800x600 just is not going to work
+well, but then, why would you be using a Quadro card to run Trigger in
+stereo on a monitor like that?
+  You really need CRT that will support a high vertical refresh rate
+(75 - 85Hz or better).  The speed between toggling from a left-eye
+view to a right-eye view is determined by the vertical sync rate.  A
+monitor that supports 1280x1024 @ 60Hz will have a noticeable flicker
+give about 30 Frames per Second (FPS) per Eye.  Many newer digital
+monitors will do 640x480 @ 85Hz (about 42FPS/Eye) and has noticeably
+less flicker.  On my monitor (An el-cheapo Cybervision Dx/86 17")
+there is support for a 768x586 @ 100Hz which is very easy on the eyes.
+On many of the SGI monitors I've used, most will support 1024x768@120
+and some better than that.
+I've found a really nice simple utility in the 'StereoGL' project on
+SourceForge called 'vmode' in the /utils directory that will display
+all of the modes a monitor will support.  It's a very hand utility to 
+have when your working with stereo. Perhaps some soul will write
+much needed 'setvmode' the set the display mode.
+See: 'http://stereogl.sourceforge.net/'
+Stereo anaglyph viewing is where the left and right eye views are
+color filtered and by wearing a pair of special colored glasses, the
+corresponding views appear in three dimensions.  Here is a website
+that will send you a pair of these glasses for FREE!
+Another option that is actually not really stereo, but does give a
+pretty good 3D effect is the so called Fresnel 'illusion' Box.  This
+is basically a large Fresnel lens placed about 7 to 9" from the
+monitor.  You can get these a many book stores for just a few dollars.
+How they work is they make your eyes focus further into the screen,
+which your brain interprets as depth, and you get that 3D effect.  It
+does work from personal experience.  And it has the advantage that you
+don't need special graphics hardware and works with all games. A more
+detailed discussion of that is at:
+You can toggle between the modes using X-Windows <CTRL><ALT><KEYPAD +> 
+and <CTRL><ALT><KEYPAD -> or configure a default resolution in you 
+/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.  
+If you have a TV-tuner card running in the background, I've found
+that sometimes that can interfere with the LCD shutter glasses sync.
+You may need to remove the bttv device module to get the glasses to 
+sync. As root, try: 'rmmod bttv' 
+Stereo is configured with the trigger.config file under the
+video settings.   
+    or "quadbuffer"
+    or "red-blue"
+    or "red-green"
+    or "red-cyan"
+    or "yellow-blue"
+    - Enables stereo and selects a mode.
+    - Changes the images based on how far apart your eyes are.
+      The value is the distance between your eyes in meters.
+      Decrease this value if you feel uncomfortable or for
+      children, but avoid increasing it too much.
+stereoswapeyes="no" or "yes"
+    - Set this to "yes" if the image appears to be swapped.
+  If you tend to get motion sickness, you should really not use the
+stereo mode on 'Trigger'.  The so-called 'vomit' factor of this game
+(based on MY psuedo-psycological scale of smooth and yet extreme
+motions shifts with in the human perception :-) is close to a 10!
+Ie., visually it's a roller coster!  Seriously though,  if you have
+any problems like Epilepsy, you should not use this program option.
+Out of the five stereo modes available, quadbuffer (with appropriate
+hardware) is likely to be the most efficient, and will definitely
+give the best visual effect. However, many people will probably only
+be able to use the anaglyph stereo modes (red-blue, etc).
+It's worth noting that red-cyan and yellow-blue modes will have
+the best performance. If you have red-blue or red-green glasses,
+I suggest trying the red-cyan display mode first, since you will
+get better framerates in the game. If this produces "ghosting"
+effects, then try the red-blue or red-green modes as appropriate.
+Many thanks to Chuck for a great Trigger add-on!
+- Jaz ]
+And many thanks to you Jaz, Richard (and the other contributors) 
+for such a cool GPL'ed GAME!!! - Chuck ]