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Triceps / News: Recent posts

Triceps release 2.0.1

This time I don't want to wait for a long time for the major changes, instead update the documentation and make the quick small releases. So, the release 2.0.1 of Triceps is here. It includes the functions for the better reporting of the errors from the Perl templates.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2015-03-02

Triceps release 2.0.0

Triceps 2.0 is finally released! Now with the full documentation. The major highlights of this release are the multithreading support and the streaming functions.

The multithreading support takes the pains out of building the correct actor-based models. It takes care of all the underlying infrastructure, detects all the mistakes early, and makes the data streaming easy.

The streaming functions are my original invention that provides an analog of the function calls on the streaming data.... read more

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2014-07-28

Triceps snapshot 1.0.93

The goal of this snapshot is the improved build.

I've improved the detection of the NSPR library, and hopefully now it would build out of the box pretty much everywhere. Even if NSPR is not available, it would just use the implementation of the atomic integers through the mutexes.

Also, I've found that the Perl tests contain a dependency on the locale. They have the English text in some of the error strings received from the OS and Perl, so if you try to build in a non-English locale, these tests failed. To work around this issue, I've added "LANG=C" in the top-level Makefile. However if you run "make test" directly in the perl/Triceps, it has no such override (because the Makefile there is built by Perl). There just do you own "LANG=C make test".

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2013-06-24

Triceps snapshot 1.0.92

The new features since the last snapshot include the multithreading support and a demo of Triceps Trivial Query language (TQL). And of course many new examples and minor fixes and improvements.

This is pretty much a preview for the release 2.0, missing only one more example and documentation (the documentation is available so far in the blog format, http://babkin-cep.blogspot.com/search/label/1_1_0 ).

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2013-05-27

Triceps snapshot 1.0.91

Now the Streaming Functions look wrapped up, and before embarking on the next big feature, it looks like a good time to publish a snapshot. This one is named 1.0.91-20121129, and is available for download.

As usual with the snapshots, the Developer's Guide in the package has not been updated, instead the project blog serves as the interim documentation. The posts with the label 1_1_0 up to now describe all the new features: http://babkin-cep.blogspot.com/search/label/1_1_0

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2012-11-30

Triceps release 1.0.1

This is purely a minor bug fix: when I wen to submit Triceps to CPAN, I've found that I forgot to update the version information in a bunch of files. This information is now updated along with the bump to another version.

Triceps is an embeddable Complex Event Processing system. Which can be thought of as an in-memory database driven by triggers, or a data-flow machine, or a spreadsheet on steroids.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2012-09-03

Triceps release 1.0.0.

It's the first complete release of Triceps, including a massive amount of documentation: a full book on programming with it.

Triceps is an embeddable Complex Event Processing system. Which can be thought of as an in-memory database driven by triggers, or a data-flow machine, or a spreadsheet on steroids.

The manual is worth reading even if you use a commercial CEP system. It describes in depth the common problems of CEP and the implementation of the solutions to them.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2012-07-27

it's innovative!

I've done a minor change to the Triceps project description: replaced the word "experimental" with "innovative". "Experimental" has the connotaion of something barely held together with string and snot.It's not what Triceps is. Triceps is carefully tested to be of at least the same (or probably better) quality as a decent commercial product. However at the moment it doesn't promise much in the ways of backwards compatibility. That complicates the innovation, and innovation is the aim of Triceps.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2012-05-10

Triceps has a first official release

The first ever fersion of Triceps, 0.99 has been released. It follows the code-then-docs model. The docs will be written as a blog at http://babkin-cep.blogspot.com/ and then integrated to produce the release 1.0.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2011-12-14

some history

Originally this project has been named "Biceps". I've been feeling proud how nobody yet has picked such an obviously cute name with a "CEP" in it. Then a few months later I've found that they did. Well not quite the same, the other project is named "BiCEP" (they've made it an acronym, even cuter), and does a different thing. After some time of thinking I've decided that even though it's not quite the same, it's best to avoid confusion. So here we go, the new name is "Triceps".

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2011-05-07