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TrayPinger reboot coming soon!

Well, after a three year hiatus, I'm starting work on TrayPinger again. This time in C# .NET, and with some new tricks and features in the works.

So basically, all the features i promised for 0.6 in 2006 should be coming in 2.0 in lateish 2009.

Less stupid coding kludges, less poorly designed interface, more speed, more ease of use, and more cool features are all coming soon. I hope.

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2009-09-01


I know it's been a long time between updates, but I'm now officially declaring this project inactive.

I'll no longer be developing this, so we need a new maintainer if the project is to continue. I'll happily hand over the reigns to someone else.

Reasons for the ceasing of development are essentially the fact I no longer feel there is a real need for this project. I also think the project would benefit from being ported to a better language. VB just isn't flexible enough for the way I want the project to work.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2007-12-26

0.6 Release Updates

The currently planned improvements and updates for the next release (0.6) are as follows. These are not yet complete, but are those features which will be implemented by the time an 0.6 release is made. I will post progress releases where appropriate.

- [Definite] All-New ping engine (As mentioned in previous posts)
- [Definite]Restyled interface (The settings window will no longer be the startup window, and numerous design changes approach)
- [Possible]At least release worthy log (The current log is faulty and does not include many specific details. I also plan to allow saving of the log)
- [Possible]Uptime percentage calculator (Could be useful for game or web server checking, giving you an overall uptime percentage based upon the time TrayPinger has been running, and the past results)
- [Possible]I may end up deleting the current version and creating 0.6 from scratch. Implementing the new pinging code is a big task, which will probably take time, and there will be new options and interfaces to add, as well as naming conventions to put in place and keep for later versions which i don't think are in 0.5.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-12-14

Progress Report

After some research, it seems that the current method for pinging cannot give the information i am hoping to include in a future release. It cannot supply me with response times or any other more advanced information, so the code needs to be completely redone. It will basically use the code from the following URL:

That will be the overhaul. Hopefully this code will be in place and working before Christmas, probably sooner. I am just too busy to continue with it at this point.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-11-26

TrayPinger Released

I ahve released - the bugfix of the previous release. Fixes can be found in the changelog of the release.

The source is also now available in .zip form, too - i'm not sure if i've missed any files as i wanted to keep it tight, so if it doesn't work ill fix it for you.

Thanks guys.

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-10-21

TrayPinger Known Bugs

The currently known bugs in are as follows:
- Problems with Welcome Balloon
- Text cut off, typos.
- ALWAYS displayed, even when balloons are off.
- Problems with "Still Running" balloon
- ALWAYS displayed, even when balloons are off.
- Problems with settings
- Fails to save some settings. Cause unknown.

These bugs are going to be fixed in the next release -, to be released soon, along with it's source code.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-10-18

TrayPinger Released!

Well, i've finally released the executable package for this project. Unfortunately i was unable to upload the source for this build at this time, however i will release the source ASAP, which is likely tomorrow.

So downlaod it, have a fiddle, and see if you can find any bugs, and report them. Ill iron them all out for you as soon as i can.

I'm also open to realistic feature requests. Got an idea? let me know.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-10-17

Sorry, having some delays.

I know it's a pretty easy project to make, but i'm having some problems. If someone can help me i'd love to know how to package source for a Visual Basic 2005 project. What files can i leave out and what fiels are essential. I know which files i have used, so they're fine, but do i need to keep the bin and obj directories?

Anyways, as soon as i clear that up, and add some extras to the project, it should all be good.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-09-29

Downloads approaching rapidly!

I have created a fully working version with only minor bugs. It will be uploaded as soon as i create the appropriate icons. I don't want any issues in the first release! The website will also come soon, and i hope to provide documentation by version 0.3, so stay tuned!

Add us to your favourites if you're interested!

Project Admin/Developer

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-09-02

TrayPinger Is here!

TrayPinger now has a page on the site!
All it needs now is to coem into reality with the first release, which is coming soon. In the first release, I hope to have put together a well working program, with only minor bugs or omissions.
If anyone wants to help, the program is written entirely in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 using the .NET framework 2.0.

If anyone's interested, please feel free to add comments in the forum or feature requests.... read more

Posted by Geoff Stokes 2006-08-25