Transposer converts the chords of a text file which contains the lyrics and chords for a song into whatever key the user desires.

Transposer is now at version 0.56.

This is mainly a bug fix: all the menu items do something. Also there is a mechanism for creating an ignore list of words which might get transposed if they are on a line by themselves, such as, "ending". This word is composed entirely of characters which are valid chord characters and would thus be transposed, which is would be confusing to the user.

This project, starting at version 0.55 began with a brand new GUI which shows two panes. One pane is for the song to transpose, and the other is for the transposed song. This project is now developed using a collaborative approach. I (abudeveloper) and my son (iamslinger) are working together on this project.

From version 0.4 this program has had a fairly baisc gui. Earlier versions were cli only.

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Shot 3, Version 0.4, linux
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Shot 4, Version 0.3a, linux (Command line only)
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Shot 1, Version 0.55, Mac OSX 10.5.5
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Shot 2, Version 0.55, Windows 7

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