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Transcriber Next Gen

Transcriber is being completely redevelopped by Bertin Technologies and should be released by Q2 09.
That new version will be based on Annotation Graph, which will be the default format of the new annotation files. In a nutshell, an Annotation Graph represents linguistic annotations of time series data as a formal graph. An AG also abstracts away from file formats and provides a logical layer for annotation systems.
A beta version should be available in a couple of month.
Stay tuned.

Posted by Mathieu Manta 2008-05-19

Transcriber 1.5.1 is now released !

It fixes the bug concerning the external speaker database
All unicode encodings are now supported on Windows

Posted by Mathieu Manta 2005-01-25

Transcriber 1.5.0 is now released !

- it now handles named entities
- many bugs fixed and improvements !

Posted by Mathieu Manta 2005-01-07