Le 20/12/2013 16:21, Kasparek Tomas a écrit :
On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 04:07:19PM +0100, Claude Barras wrote:
great! I added you as developper to the project, you should now be able to upload files (hopefully)
seems to got RW access to git, but nothing else. Uploading files may be
limited to admin or other roles.

OK, found. I added you (and Giulio) as release technicians (' Permission changes may take a few minutes to propagate to the filesystem.').

Later, I will try tu summarize all the steps necessary to build trans, I
may put them to some README.xxx inside the code and there may be small
patches for config/makefiles. What is the policy with commits/patches etc.?
Adding a README for the specific platform/OS would be indeed helpful. Concerning the config/makefiles you can try to make it platform-dependent so that it doesn't break for other. With Git it is possible to revert changes anyway, so risks are limited !