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OOP now!

Version 0.05alpha is stoped for a while, since it hasn't OOP and this new "OOP tRAMAwORK" release has. Check out the new release files named "OOP tRAMAwORK doc" for documentation.

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-12-25


Yes, the forms are using templates now. They need good clothing too, so I guess they will dress very well with these templates.
I've found a template classe at template - if you wish to know it better) and dicided to try, hoping there some error would apear... but they didn't! I've made my forms with templates with no trouble, no rush and that was so easy that I cannot believe it yet!
So, I hope today I'll leave here the version with templates(but only for the forms, at least for now).

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-12-19

Guess who's back??

XML problem was solved! The problem was only a invalid char into the atribute's value. I didn't know that the XML parser stops at the '&' char when it's into the atribute's value. Now, there's a step less to go! I'll work to put the XML contents into a database, so we can retreive the data and edit the php file without coding. ;)

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-12-09


Just a few hours ago I've made the feature to build automatic php files for the form you create.
Good point: a part of the project is done.
Bad point: if you made a mistake while building your form and closed the browser window, sorry, you'll have to strat all over. I'll fix this by generating a XML code into a databse or file(don't know yet) to recover all data.

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-12-09

Automatic PHP files

Yes! Now the system is creating automatic PHP files, but yet not the way I want. Today I made this feature in the system, but for test porposes only. I hope that tomorrow I'll have the version I want, for generate a entire system automatically.

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-12-08

Now with XML

Just yesterday I've finished the XML tool for generate my forms in/from XML.
Now, it'll be easyer to edit the forms, you'll do not even need to reach the code level, just edit yourform.xml and all will be finished and ready-to-go!

Still working on it!

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-12-01


I had a problem with my jscript, form dinamically adding components to the main form, and just this morning I've fixed it. The error messages were so evasive, I had a big work to find the causes of the error messages, but I did it.
So, this is my first release of the project.
Little explanation about the files:

tramaform.php < form creation functions
tramagui.php < user interface(only html for now) functions
biblioteca.php < a lib for any kind of auxiliary functions
base_insere.php < used to manage data sent from forms, executes sql and other stuf, for now just validate the form with a synctoken algoritm
clsJSPHP.php < clsJSPHP class( with little modifications made by me
criaform.php < the main program, manipulates the creation of .php files
criaform_ajax.php < auxiliar script to manage the ajax requests... read more

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-11-29

On the way!

Our first alpha release is on the way, the framework isn't much stable, nether in the way I would like, but it's a first release.
Hope you enjoy.

I would like to thank kutulik for his great ajax class (, without this I couldn't do much things the way I wanted in so short time(a week). I've been planing this framework, based in my colegue's one, for a time, but started doing it a week ago and this class for ajax was very helpful.

Posted by Fabio Tramasoli 2005-11-29