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Network Traffic Generator / News: Recent posts

Newtraffic Source 0.1.3

These source packages had a small bug in which it would not install properly if Kylix was not present. This has been fixed. The old versions have been removed and the corrent packages uploaded.

Posted by Robert Sandilands 2002-12-04

Traffic Source and Binary Release 0.1.3

A new version has been released. It now features a Kylix GUI for Linux. The Windows GUI has been improved. Remember to download the Kylix shared libraries if you need them. The location is: There are 2 .rpm releases. traffic-0.1.3-1mdk.i586.rpm is without the Kylix binaries.

Posted by Robert Sandilands 2002-12-03

Traffic Source and Binary Release 0.1.2

The newest version of traffic has been released. This is a totally rewritten version from the 0.0.x series. It is more portable and expandable.

It has currently been ported to Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. Other ports should be possible.

It now features a plug-in type architecture which makes it trivial to add new features and behaviours.

Posted by Robert Sandilands 2002-11-15

Traffic Source Version 0.0.2 Released

The new version fix a serious memory leak in the client tcp code.

Posted by Robert Sandilands 2001-07-03

New Version traffic-source.0.0.1

The first release of the software. Used to weigh up using the eepro100 and the e100 drivers against each other for a firewall solution. The e100 won. Basic functionality that allows traffic to be generated from the client to the server is in place.

Posted by Robert Sandilands 2001-06-26