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Problem with Radeon r200

  • Hi,

    when start the game under Kubuntu Edgy, it crashes with a segmentation fault.
    Menue and configuration screen work fine.
    Neither the precompiled Ubuntu packages nor my selfcompiled version are working.

    When I start it in ddd it shows:

    Switching to Thread -1217959744 (LWP 5127)]
    0xb7264ed6 in _tnl_SaveFlushVertices () from /usr/lib/dri/r200_dri.so

    Applications like GoogleEarth and celestia work fine.

    I'm using the Xorg Driver.

    glinfo says:
    direct rendering: Yes

    Any idea ?


    Best regards

    • Hi,

      from the description of the problem it seems like the crash occurs within one of the OpenGL calls. The only possible explanations i would have for this is (a) one of my openGL calls has broken data as a parameter or (b) a bug in the 3D driver. Since trackballs have been tested on very many different OpenGL implementations before i'm not inclided to belive option a [although it's is a possibility].

      You didn't write if you are using the properiatory  ATI drivers for your card or the opensource ones? Also, which version of the drivers do you have?

      What happens if you run trackballs in software only mode. You can enable this by doing in a bash window:


      This should run very slow for you but it would give a clue if it is the 3D drivers which crashes the game or something different.

      If it truly is the 3D drivers that crashes the game the only options would be to either switch drivers (like using the software ones, or the propriatory ones or not) or alternatively try to figure out what causes the crash (is it possible for you to from ddd get a full backtrace - ie which functions called the saveFlushVertices function?) and try to make a workaround for it [or submitt a detailed bug report to the drivers developer - assuming that we can get a good and easily reproducible error]


      / Mathias