Windows Compiling

  • i tryed to compile Trackballs with Cygwin but im not  intelligent enough to handle this,
    can anybody here do this ?

    • Hi,

      in the early days of the game there used to be a windows version which was compile by Sam L. using Mingw (i think). However, since I don't have windows development environment (and don't want to use windows) this ended when Sam stopped compiling for windows. So unfortunatly i think it is quite difficult to compile for windows these days. Nonetheless, if you want to try perhaps you could have better luck if you use the combination of cygwin and mingw. Sorry, i can't help better.

      / Mathias

    • Well I'm back in the loop ;)  You can either ask questions here or send me an email.  Mathias is correct though I use mingw, not cygwin,  though it shouldn't be too different if you are trying to use the no-cygwin option (or whatever it is.)