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TQ / News: Recent posts

Testy 1.3.0 released

This is new major release of Testy.
* Better results displaying (see for details)
* Pressing Return on Username box now has effect
* [Win32] Testy.exe now has an icon
* [Linux] Provide a .tar.gz archive

Additionally, a new build of TQ 1.7.0 for Win32 is provided (1.7.0a), fixing not-working Tests Management and some other Winows-specific issues.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2011-05-01

Testy 1.2.1 released

This is new major version of Testy. Version 1.2.0 was skipped.
This release brings:
* New «Navigation UI»
* Displaying questions count in test tooltip
* Better results displaying
* Better HTML files generating
* Other bugfixes and translation updates

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2011-03-20

Testy 1.1.3 released

This is bugfix release.
* Ship with Qt 4.7.2 on Windows
* Fix local translations file is not loaded correctly
* Fix file extension is not added automatically
* Some code tweaks

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2011-03-06

Testy 1.1.2 released

This is bugfix release. Version 1.1.1 was skipped.
* Fixed crash sometimes while opened revision 2 tests
* UI fixes

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2011-02-08

TQ 1.7.0 and Testy 1.1.0 released

New in these releases:
* TQ Suite is fully localizable and translatable, russian translation included
* New results check in TQ Testing and Testy, allowing to select multiple keyring files
* Better UI for attachments management in TQ Tests management
* Unified keyring dialog in TQ Tests management
* [Testy] Ability to save result to .result file
* [Testy for Linux] Opening the test by clicking on it... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2011-02-04

TQ 1.6.0 and Testy 1.0.0 released

This release starts new major stable branch of TQ project. New in these releases:
* New TQ test format (revision 3), with removed 5-lines question limit (Tests management, Testing)
* "Key files" are now deprecated, support was removed from Tests management
* Improved backups support (Base)
* Improved sessions support (Testing)
* TQ can be installed to your Linux system even if it is not Debian-compatible
* [New in TQ 1.5.2] Added support for adding and removing questions in the test (Tests management)... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2011-01-09

TQ 1.5.2 released

This release changes:
* Added support for adding and removing questions in the test (Tests management)
* Testy-like session behaviour (current question is also saved; note: this doesn't break compatibility with previous versions - Testing)
* Bugfixes and memory usage optimizations (Testing)
* UI fixes (Base, Tests management)

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-11-13

TQ 1.5.1 released

This release brings:
* Backups support in TQ Base
* FP-specific code tweaks
* Better implementation of splitters.
* Bugfix for Import procedure in TQ Tests management.
These changes do not affect TQ Testing. If you have a Testing-only installation, you don't need to upgrade it.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-10-17

TQ 1.5.0 released

This release starts new major stable branch of TQ project. New in this release:

* Many improvements in Ubuntu packages
* HTML files don’t require internet connection
* Bugfixes & translation updates

TQ Base:
* Command-line support (you now can execute “tq-launcher base some_file.tqb” to open a base
* New menu item “Show all results for entry“
* New status bar, no more notification windows
* When importing entries from result file, they are being added to existing student if possible... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-09-22

TQ 1.4.10 released

Today, TQ 1.4.10 was released, bringing the following improvements:
* Splitters were added to Tests management and Base windows, allowing to resize list and text parts
* "Keyring" is the new name for key lists
* UI fixes in Testing and Base
* other minor changes

There will be other feature releases in TQ 1.4 branch.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-08-26

TQ 1.4.0 released

This is next major version of TQ with the following improvements:

* New look for exported tests/bases

TQ Tests management:
* Keylist editor
* Ability to save answer to the test in 3 ways: create key file, create keylist or use existing keylist
* Ability to merge keylists

TQ Base:
* Ability to add/modify results of several students (by clicking the next student in the main list)
* You now can name bases lists
* Several UI fixes and improvements... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-08-06

TQ 1.3.3 released

Improvements in this minor version:
* UI fixes in TQ Base (Changing directory)
* Fixed bug in TQ Tests management - when you the question type the previous question correct answer was displayed sometimes
* Several UI fixes in TQ Testing (Saving/Restoring session)

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-07-27

TQ 1.3.2 released

Improvements in this minor version:
* Better integration with system icon theme
* Many UI fixes for Windows
* "Save as" function in TQ Base fix, other minor fixes

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-07-21

TQ 1.3.1 released

This is after-first-release version of TQ fixing the following issues:
*Tests management correctly saves correct answers to keylist
*Fixed color issue with checkboxes in Tests management
*Testing now doesn't add space to student name when group is not stated
*Base doesn't display tag with every item when tag filter is enabled
*Some code optimization in Tests management

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-07-10

TQ 1.3.0 released

This is next major version of TQ. Among bugfixes, this version includes new features:

*Linux builds: TQ windows color now better integrates with your system theme

TQ Base:
*Tags support for tasks
*Choosing directory for bases lists
*2-way HTML Export (Table and Classic)

TQ Testing and Tests management:
*Previously backported to 1.2 features: exporting tests to HTML, scrolling the question text
*Keylists to provide automated answer checking, keylists creator and editor
*Caclulator... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-07-09

TQ 1.2.8 released

Improvements in this minor version:
* Minor bugfixes in TQ Testing and TQ Base
* Improved keylists support in TQ Testing results viewer (previously known as result lists) -- for compatibility with 1.3 branch only.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-06-14

TQ 1.2.7 released

This is minor version of TQ with the following improvements:
* TQ Testing now can calculate results using result list (Note: there is not any tool to create them yet, so this feature is only for developers)
* Enchased icon theme
* Fixed one low-level bug in TQ Base (SF: #3008925)

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-06-02

TQ 1.2.6 released

This is minor version of TQ with the following improvements:
* TQ Testing now uses scrollable fields for question text
* TQ Tests management and TQ Base now ask confirmation when deleting test / base entry
* Fixed 1 low-level bug in TQ Testing

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-05-29

TQ 1.2.5 released

This is minor version of TQ with the following improvements:
* All components now can logos (see blog for details)
* TQ Testing now can export tests to HTML, improved export in TQ Base
* Fixed minor bug in TQ Testing
* Fixed memory leak in TQ Base when uniting items

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-05-23

TQ 1.2 released

Today, I'm glad to announce next major version of TQ - 1.2. For technical reasons, there was no 1.2.0 release.
What's new:
* Complete rebranding of the project. It now consists of TQ Testing, TQ Tests management and TQ Base.
* New test format. Now you can create hybrid tests and attach files to tests.
* Renewed icon theme
* TQ Base now can sort items and unite identical items.
* Many bug fixes. Now the project is in "production-stable" status. Tag "beta" was removed.
Russian translation will be ready in a week.
[UPDATE] TQ 1.2.3 was released on May 10, fixing two high-level bugs. Those who use 1.2.1 or any previous versions, are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
[UPDATE] TQ 1.2.4 was released on May 21:
*Several useability and interface improvements
*Potential memory leak in Tests Management fixed (SF: #3002325)

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-05-08

TQ 1.1 released

Today, I am glad to release TQ version 1.1.

New features:
* New interface for all components
* TestBase now could work not only with tests
* HTML export in TestBase now creates tables, not lists
* New student creating in TestBase
* TestResults now displays incorrectly answered questions when opening result files
* TestManage now can rename tests
* Better translations
* Version for Windows

With TQ 1.2, we will have new tests format with descriptions, difficulty fields and hybrid questions.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2010-04-11