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TPM Manager / News: Recent posts

TPM Manager: 0.7

TPM Manager 0.7 fixes some minor bugs. See the changelog for a detailed listing.

Posted by René Korthaus 2009-06-04

TPM Manager: 0.6

TPM Manager version 0.6 is entirely Qt4-based and now runs independently of the popular window manager KDE. Therefore, TPM Manager can now also be used with other window managers such as GNOME.

Posted by René Korthaus 2009-06-04

TPM Manager: 0.5

The goal of this project is the development of a TPM management software providing an easy to use graphical user interface. The TPM Manager will be developed under Linux, but later releases should be usable with all operating systems providing a TSS API.

The new version of TPM Manager is compatible with TPM 1.2 and TrouSerS 3.1. It would be followed by a new version supporting more features of the TPM.

Posted by Anoosheh Zaerin 2008-04-08