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libtpl-1.4 released

This release has several small enhancements to fixed-length array support, as well as support for nested structures and for caller-supplied buffers for dump and load.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2009-04-26

libtpl-1.3 released

Several new additions for tpl-1.3 include: a new mode to peek into tpl data without unpacking; support for NULL strings; support for 16-bit types; support for jotting a tpl quickly without packing; support for arrays of structures; clean pedantic compilation; and a new PDF user guide.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2009-02-10

libtpl-1.2 released

This release adds support for serializing 64-bit integer and unsigned data types in the C and Perl API's and to the XML conversion utility.

Posted by Troy Hanson 2007-04-27