Works with T30

  • powersd1

    Mode 0        0 RPM

    Mode 1        3680 RPM
    Mode 2        3680 RPM

    Mode 3        4088 RPM
    Mode 4        4123 RPM
    Mode 5        4127 RPM

    Mode 6        4560 RPM       
    Mode 7         4560 RPM

    Mode 64        5800RPM        Tried it for 10 sec.

    Mode 128     BIOS

    Ran CPU Burn-in v1.01 from
    Ran for period of 10 min full load
    Took idle temp after idle for 10 min
    Temp was stable at 40°C while in mode 6 at idle
    Temp was stable at 66°C while in mode 6 with full CPU load
    IBM ThinkPad T30 type 2366
    Pentium 4 Mobile 1.8Ghz 512KB L2
    1024MB RAM
    Windows XP Serivce Pack 3
    All Windows patches as of Feb 24, 2009

    Mode 1 and 2 seemed to be the same
    Mode 3, 4, and 5 seemed to be the same
    Mode 6 and 7 seemed to be the same
    Mode 64 did what you said it would do. Didn't trust running it for more than 10 seconds.
    Mode 128 did exactly what you said.

    Before running this tool, I tore the laptop down and blew every spec of dust out and regreased the cpu cooler. New thermal rease seemed to make an improvement as well as removing blocking lint balls. Mmmmm. This app runs the laptop much cooler now. I love it.