Excellent tool, but hysteresis missing

  • Andreas Nagel
    Andreas Nagel

    Hi 'tpfancontrol' developers,

    I installed you tool at a T42 and it works fine. Many thanks for your effort !!!

    However, when trying to tune the 'fancontrol' I'm missing a hysteresis control inside the tool. Reason of requesting this:

    At my T42, there are 3 possible fan speeds (slow, medium, high) available. When the slow and medium speed is selected, the fan does not run continuously, but waving (and this way very annoying). This way I decided to modify the control script to start with the highest fan level (high) at 45 degree Celsius. So far so good, but this causes the fan to be switched alternating off and on. A hysteresis function would solve this problem, i.e.

    When the fan on temperature is reached, the fan is switched on as usual, but the off temperature should be some degree less than the on temperature, e.g.. 45 on and 40 off or much better: configurable by the existing script (which I like very much BTW).

    Do you think you can provide this add on (or can I participate in the development ?) ? It is most probably also useful for some other customers of 'tpfancontrol' as well.

    Thanks and best regards,


    • Stefan Franke
      Stefan Franke

      The unreleased version in the CVS provides hysteresis. But you need to check it out and build it yourself.