Uses in Genealogy?

  • I wonder if this could be used in genealogy?

    • Someone has already expressed an interest in using TouchGraph for genealogies.

      It could be fun, but I think that genealogies may be too tree like to be rendered by TouchGraph in an interesting way.  TouchGraph is best for structures where there is multiple inheritance, and associative links.


    • I have an idea on how this technology could be used in genealogy.

      The idea is to visualize how witnesses are related to a childs family. Witnesses are often recorded in birth records, at least here in Sweden. Maybe it is possible to visualize some kind of social groups by entering the witnesses and their relations from birth records.

      What I would need is some way to read the nodes and relations from file or database.


    • I also need a way to read nodes and relations from a database. I want to visualize organisations structures saved in my Access database. Is there a way to use this DB for Touchgraph. Or does anyone know something else to use for this situation?

      Thanks already,

    • it's really funny. just today i had a presentation on a project that me and my coleagues had to do for a course on databases.
      we had to choose the project, and by coincidence we decided do do a genealogical database. the database was built in Informix, Oracle and had to be accessed through Visual Basic 6 and PHP.
      from the beginning of the project development i allways thought of adding a feature to the PHP (since i was the one that built the PHP interface) where one could see the visual display of all the data existing in the database... and today i found it... i think i might be trying TGLinkBrowser around... check if i can make it work under PHP...
      well, if i get anywhere with this i'll let you know.

      Jos Mira

    • well, after much work trying to label the edges i was albe to come up with something... it can be seen at

      what is seen in the image represents what i have done so far while working with my own genealogical tree (i'm the one in the picture). here, the red edges link people who have married to a black node, which represents the marriage itself, that has the date of the marriage as the label.
      the blue edges represent the birth of someone, and the label of the edge represents the date of birth of that person.

      so dar, during my test runs, i only placed the picture of the person as the hint of the node.

      future work includes the automatic building of the xml file from a mySQL database.

      Jos Mira

    • well, finally I have done it. The page can be seen at
      what can be seen here is the real, live construction of the link browser from a mySQL database (see the previous 2 posts from me).
      I know it is still a bit clumsy, but it is better than nothing ;-)