flash + php port?

  • Laurence Bier
    Laurence Bier

    I'm seriously thinking about working on a Php + flash port of touchgraph - are there any open source projects already working on something like this? Is there any reason why I should not go ahead?

    • Hi Laurence,

      Great to hear that you are considering this port.  A first attempt at it has already been made by Chris Langreiter, http://www.langreiter.com/flash/txmx/firstDemo.swf
      I am not sure if the code is available, but Chis is open-source friendly, so I think that he should have no problem collaborating if you ask him.

      There are a couple of problems with flash though.  The layout is slower then java, and the language is less powerful.  However, given the current rate of hardware + flash development, I think that this may not be a problem for long.  For more, see "Flash instead of java" at

      Good luck, and let me know if you chose to persue,


    • Laurence Bier
      Laurence Bier

      Thanks for the quick reply. It goes without saying, but it's a fabulous app.

      I'll try and get in touch with Chris Langreiter as soon as I can.

      Thanks again,


    • Gary Li
      Gary Li

      Any progress on this front?

    • TouchGraph is amazing.

      I am interested in a Flash / PHP port.
      I expect it to be a light version.

      Chris are you in here?


      • Thanks Jared,

        Compliments on your site as well.  Panton geometry is inspired (and has some kind of optical illusion bending effect).  Self dividing forms are cool too.

        What's your take on the speed of animating multiple objects with flash?

        I think that you are best of emailing Chris Langreiter directly.


    • Has this gone any further? We would be interested, for a project we're working on.


      Phil James

    • weltraumkuh

      I got the code from Christian Langreiter and made several changes so it is now 15-20% faster than his version. But it is very very slow too: only 100 nodes on 2,6 GHZ machine are fast enough! So I recommend to render the full graph on server side and only use Flash for visualization of the nodes.
      I do not have a PHP port of Touchgraph.


    • Gary Li
      Gary Li

      Hi Nicolay,

      It is very much appreciated Nicolay if you can send me your code. The last time I tested Christan's code it failed at 20 nodes. I have php port and here are my original Touchgraph.



    • Lars Heuer
      Lars Heuer


      Anybody working on a flash port (maybe in conjunction with PHP)?

      Are there any results public available? :)


    • Frank Tuttle
      Frank Tuttle

      Check out the FreeHep Vector Graphics library.
      It implements the Java Graphics2d interface to capture paint commands and then outputs to vector formats such as SWF, PDF, EMF, SVG etc.

      I've used it to generate orgcharts but I could see it being used to output zommable touchgraph images

    • forresto.com

      Another person interested in the work folks have been doing with the Flash port.  My current project will only show about 50 nodes per graph, so this seems like it could work.