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Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.7 available on Sourceforge

Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.7 has been released!

Sorry for the length of time it took for this to be released. Bigger changes to look for include cheaper wind generators, and a resetting of the base range of advanced units from 50% higher than level 1 to the same as level 1 (Artillery type units usually kept their range, but have reduced damage per shot). This should help larger numbers of level 1 units to fare better against smaller groups of advanced units, thereby helping level 1 units to be useful longer, both alone, and alongside of advanced units.... read more

Posted by Twilight 2009-07-01

Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.6 available on Sourceforge

Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.6 has been released!

Phew, what was supposed to be just a few short beta tests with a few players ended up spanning more than a year and involving almost all of the online multiplayer player base. I will try and keep future versions just a month or three in between, since I've always been of the opinion that frequent releases help get the best feedback and correction done quickly. The betas were released frequently, but weren't generally posted in the forums or made known on the TA:T web page (, leaving many in the dark about them.... read more

Posted by Twilight 2008-12-29

Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.5a available on Sourceforge

I've gotten the TA:T v1.5a installation .zip file ready and available for download, as well as the required one-time download of the TAMEC map features file, and the TA:T Map Pack (Over 100 maps). More to come, naturally, but that gives you the basics so you can download and start playing TA:T.



Posted by Twilight 2007-12-18