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Beta 1.4 Announcement

With the latest release of TorrentVolve, we intend to make the application easier to use by fixing several outstanding interface-related bugs. The number of changes made since the last release is very large, so here are some of the more significant changes:

- Fixed bug #1623997 (single-quotes in Torrent names)
- Fixed many variable- and index-not-defined warnings
- Fixed server-side form validation errors
- Fixed the reading of Torrent priorities in UNIX/Linux
- Fixed issue where index page processes before a non-authenticated user is redirected to the login page... read more

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2007-01-05

TorrentVolve-Ubuntu Install Guide

I've written a guide for installing TorrentVolve on Ubuntu. You can find it at:

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2007-01-01

TorrentVolve Installation Scope

TorrentVolve is intended to be installed on a server which you have full control of. The development team does not condone the installation of TorrentVolve on public/shared hosting services, as this would violate most ISPs' Acceptable Use Policies. TorrentVolve needs full SimpleXML support within PHP along with the ability to execute system commands to operate; the latter is probably not allowed on most public/shared hosting services.... read more

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2006-12-30

Code Cleanup

We are extremely happy with how functional TorrentVolve is at this point. Through the hard work of several students at Neumont University and the support of our Projects IV instructor John Finlay, TorrentVolve has become a big success. I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this project, including our expanding user base.

Ten weeks is a very short period of time in which to bring a project from conception to a beta phase. However, our development team pulled it off - with a few rough pieces of code here and there. I have been working diligently over the holiday break to fix bugs and add many new features to TorrentVolve. Along with these efforts, I have begun to clean up and comment the "rough" code included with TorrentVolve. Expect a very polished application with the next release.... read more

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2006-12-30

Beta 1.3 Announcement

The new beta release of TorrentVolve will be made available in the next few days. This release will include recent bug fixes - some of which are major compatibility fixes - and several new features.

- Added + to recognized Torrent name characters
- Added URL encoding for non-standard Torrent names
- Fixed issue with Torrents containing ".torrent" in their names
- When writing numeric settings, we now round decimal values for Azureus
- Changed popup links for compatibility with certain versions of Internet Explorer... read more

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2006-12-28

Auto-Update Feature Update

As of right now, we plan to include a feature to notify users of available updates. However, it seems almost impossible to run anything as another user through the command line through PHP in Windows XP or 2003. It cannot be done using "RUNAS" or "SCHTASKS," even though these commands work fine straight from the command line. This makes installing TorrentVolve through PHP extremely difficult in Windows (since the PHP user won't necessarily have write permissions to all of the TorrentVolve installation directory). Since TorrentVolve is intended to be platform independent, we do not plan to include a full auto-update feature as it would be specific to UNIX/Linux/BSD-based systems.

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2006-12-24

TorrentVolve Auto-Update Feature

We're planning to release a new feature for TorrentVolve sometime before the New Year. This feature will give users the option to automatically update TorrentVolve whenever a new release is seen via our SourceForge RSS feed. The updater will simply overwrite their current copy of TorrentVolve with the contents of the new release. There are many issues with file permissions and file locks that we are considering now, and we expect it to take a few weeks to bring this feature to a stable level of operation. If you wish to test this new feature, an experimental version of it will be included in trunk/site/admin on our SVN repository within the next few days.

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2006-12-21

TorrentVolve Beta Update

A new beta release of TorrentVolve will be released within the next few weeks. It will include minor Linux compatibility fixes and other bug fixes.

Posted by TJ Van Cott 2006-12-17

TorrentVolve Beta Release Announced

TorrentVolve will be releasing the beta sometime today. There are a lot of features and changes that have been made throughout the system, and everyone on the development team is very happy with the result. Below are some of the features and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Linux issue with PHP execution so the application is completely functional under Linux.
- Server restarting concurrency issue resolved.
- Fixed Change Password allowing users to change password when they use the forgot password feature.... read more

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-12-11

TorrentVolve Alpha 0.0.2 Released

The project has released another alpha. Amazingly, the second alpha acts like a whole new system. A lot of bugs have been taken care of, and many new features have been added. Some of which include:

Bug Fixes
- HTML and CSS is XHTML compliant.
- Users can now upload renamed torrents.
- The torrent upload name doesn't have to be consistent with the actual torrent name.
- Made layout and graphics more asthetic.
- Fixed security flaw in changing passwords.... read more

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-12-01

New alpha planned to release in 2 days

Only 2 days into the alpha, and TorrentVolve is planning another alpha release. It should be released within the next 2 days. The development team coded through many bug fixes and even had time to create new and interesting features. As of now, the team is trying to make sure the system is as stable as possible.

Bug Fixes
- HTML and CSS is completely XHTML strict compliant.
- Users can now upload renamed torrents.
- The torrent upload name doesn't have to be consistent with the actual torrent name.... read more

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-12-01

Alpha Released

The working alpha is finally here. Happily, the development team has created a product faster than we intended. Our team has worked hard and are hoping for community support and feedback on the software. Currently the project does the following:

- Complete torrent functionality
- Automatic configuration
- Full user access with authentication
- Changeable user access levels
- URL and file uploading
- HTTP retrieval of downloaded torrents... read more

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-11-29

Alpha release date finalized

Our development team has been working daily on the project, and we are scheduled to release the TorrentVolve alpha by Thanksgiving.

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-11-17

Development is in progress

Our team has put together this project extremely fast. We are planning on having our working alpha released by Thanksgiving.

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-11-06

Design has begun

Our team is now in the process of putting together the design documentation required to put this project together successfully. Hopefully, the end of this week will mark the start of our development.

Posted by Matthew Kruskamp 2006-10-16