TORCS 1.3.0 crashing on Telemetry

  • Hi.

    After i enabled Telemetry in TORCS 1.3.0,
    by removing the comments in question in rttelem.cpp and,
    for testing purposes, in human.cpp [ also reduced the
    channels because some of object access used there
    seemed somewhat out of date ]
    i had to experience
    TORCS repeatedly crashing :[

    I also did enable debug-output, but when crashing on
    Telemetry, it won't give me any message ...
    [ Just standard output, no related err msg ]

    What to do ?

    • well for me telemetry died.

      all i needed was to capture certain data, which is now done
      by an altered version of human.cpp ...

    • edit:
      /usr/local/bin/torcs: line 52: 18132 Segmentation fault

    • Martin Dubaj
      Martin Dubaj

      I am using TORCS for a research project and I successfully enabled telemetry in v1.3.0 just before Christmas, 2006. From memory, I thinnk I had a similar problem to yours and I found a solution somewhere online [offered by Bernie W., of course! Thanks Bernie.] There seemed to be a simple mistake in the original rttelem.cpp file. Two arguments were erroneously interchanged. I don't have the TORCS installation in front of me right now (waiting for a new HDD), but from memory and from my notes:

      Edit the file:
      .. /torcs-1.3.0/src/libs/robottools/rttelem.cpp

      After enabling telemetry, edit the sprintf() line (approx line 62)

      OLD: sprintf(buf, "%smodules/telemetry/%s.%s", "telemetry", GetLibDir (), DLLEXT);
      NEW: sprintf(buf, "%smodules/telemetry/%s.%s", GetLibDir (), "telemetry", DLLEXT);

      I hope this helps,

      Martin Dubaj.

      (now to figure out how to run TORCS with telemetry under WinXP
      ... and with three monitors under Linux and WinXP...)